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July 04, 2012



Oh, the memories...my Grandma always said 'hairs' as in 'Go comb them hairs and get those hairs out off your face so people can SEE you' I always thought it was the funniest thing when I was a kid.
Can't wait to find the little kits and make some mitts!


Saw these at TNNA and loved them too! So many good things in that booth to choose from.

Spending the 4th in CA. And if you know of a good LYS where I take a sanity check during 4 days of inlaw joy (near Calabasas or Encino), I'd so owe you a drink at next TNNA!!

knitting patterns for babies

Love to see the photo of TNNA you posted. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


Back away slowly... I have knitting needles and I am not afraid to use them!!

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