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May 11, 2012



I'm a knitter first but will try crochet now and then. This morning I was working on a crochet washrag for my husband. I am so awful at it, that I can't even make a square - square. I would like to "get" crochet, but I don't think my brain will let me.


Way more knitting in my life than crocheting - these patterns inspire me to get out my hooks and go to it!!

Karen L

I am bi-craftual, and proud of it!!


I enjoy both, I've known to crochet longer but find myself enjoying knitting more.

Kate M

I am bi-craftual, but I am much better and know more about crochet. Knit and Purl are the two tools in my knitting tool belt! I am working on that though! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Renee Anne

I'm definitely a knitter.......I want to swing both ways but crochet charts elude me to no end. Then again, I only know the basic stitches...and even then, only with the help of YouTube.



well, if everyone's coming clean, i'll admit it: i bat for both teams.


I'm bi-craftual. I learned to crochet first and knitting later. Each has their own draw for me and I enjoy both.

Sarah deGreat

I suppose you could call me bi-craftual. I learned both ways from my mother. I'm very much knitting-oriented, but for the right project I will swing the crochet way.


I just spent the morning on YouTube looking up half double crochet and half triple crochets for the edge of a knitted baby blanket. It's been awhile and I have to stop and look up the fancy stitches, but yes, I crochet (some).

Angie S.

I am mostly a knitter, but I started off as a crocheter, so I guess so can say I am bi-craftual.


I'm bi-craftual :-) And usually have many projects of both going at the same time!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

Robin F.

I knit,crochet,needlepoint,quilt,sew fashion clothes and would love to win this book.


I'm only a knitter... I haven't had the patience to get past chaining in crocheting!


I'm a knitter who crochets one thing a year. I prefer and love knitting but some crochet items catch my attention and I NEED to make them (like a Granny Square bag).


I'm a knitter who dabbles in crochet - mostly amigurumi (who can resist those little things!?!). Thank you for the opportunity to get this book.


I'm bi-craftual, but way better at knitting than crochet. Love the look of knitting, and the speed of crochet. Well, very basic crochet, which is the only kind I can do so far ;-)


I'm bi-craftual, but I haven't been crocheting as much these days.


I completely and totaly Bi-Craftual ... AND PROUD OF IT!


I am uhm, bi-craftual!


I'm fairly bi-craftual, but I definitely lean more towards knitting. But ain't that usually the way?


I'm a knitter hoping to learn to crochet too one day.

Michele Brinkert

I'm a knitter with bi-craftual tendencies


I knit mostly, but crochet is so handy for washcloths, afgans and edgings.


Knitter, but crochet curious

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