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March 26, 2012



That's lovely! I hope you post an update (specifically with the yarn information!).

I think it's better to over-estimate size than under-.. I have a sweater in my closet I've done twice and don't have the heart to rip out a third time. But I REALLY don't think it's going to fit and don't have the nerve to finally finish and find out for certain!

Katie Lynn

I always find that interesting...I grew up in dance, being measured (and knowing how to measure yourself) is just second nature. I have my measurements memorized at this point, though I always double-check before I start something big!
Another thing I don't understand? People who have an aversion to mirrors. Again, it might be a dance thing (and a working in physical therapy thing) but I know a lot of people have a violent reaction when made to watch themselves in the mirror. I suppose the two are connected in a way, though.

Seanna Lea

I spent a lot of time being overweight, and even when I wasn't overweight I would always think of myself as big. It is hard to get over those thoughts. I imagine that some people who have never been overweight might also overestimate because they always see images of super skinny models.


I used to always overestimate my size. Partly, it was wishful thinking that my bust was a little bigger (I'm 32" when I inhale real big!). I've always been quite small, and I think it was some unconscious desire to be bigger so people would quit treating me with such a patronizing attitude. This happens a lot when you're small, and it's really annoying! Also, I came of age in the late 1990s when everything was oversized anyway.


thats so wrong in every aspect!...just as bad as me witnessing this woman on the treadmill spraying sweat from her skin on the gal running next to her not to mention all over the machine. gross.


Gyms are just gross, I used to manage one. I'm surprised I walked away without some sort of bacterial epizootie. I always frog at least twice, starts too small then too big, third time's a charm.


From what I can see of it, that looks like the absolutely prettiest class project I've seen. I browse through the projects at my LYS, but they've never come close to something that I'd like to make or own. Yours looks lovely.

As far as the size issue, I'm one of those who has fought the weight battle her entire life, and it's always a question of what size I hope to be when I wear it. As a result, I don't make many garments for myself.


Back in the day, I used to work in a gym. I tell you what: there were women there who'd shave the skin off their heels and leave it in a pile on the benches in the locker room!

The gym I go to is very, very clean, but STILL. . . it can be gross!

Princess Di

WE all know that gyms can be the germiest, stinkyest places on earth. When I walk in my gym, I never know how it is going to smell. Sometimes it's a stinky gym sock, sometimes BO, or sometimes cleaning product to mask the stinky smells. And never mind getting a shower there. Gross. Which reminds me, last week a guy was performing the snot rocket. Oh yes he was.


I find it extremely difficult to measure myself. People don't have sharp edges, and if I'm measuring from one shoulder to the other (for instance) it's hard to know where to stop since my shoulders are rounded.

I think knitters tend to overestimate size, and I'm going to disagree with the comment above that it's better that way. When I look at projects on Ravelry, it looks like a lot of people knit sweaters that are too big for them and yeah, you can get them on, but they look baggy and misshapen. I tend to err on the side of knitting them a little small and then blocking to size.


Is that one of your patterns? It is really lovely.


You & your commenters are making me feel better about my gym, but perhaps it's just that I go early enough to miss all the icky stuff.

I tend to overestimate the size I need for knitted garments.

The Sexy Knitter

Well, whatever that is on the needles is FABULOUS, and I totally am going to want one.

cynthia (knitting central)

thanks for the advice. having been looking for a size 6 dress form. where did you get yours if you don't mind me asking


No just size but height,too. My hubby is not tall and quite honest about how tall he is. However, he has had a good friend the exact height he is claim to be 2-3 inches taller when standing next to my hubby who is the same, exact size. Thinking you are taller than you are might be a man thing since this has happened more than once. Me... well I still think I am the same size I was when I was in my twenties. This has led me to try to squeeze into some uncomfortable spaces! Sometimes I think the image I see in the mirror is the wishful thinking image. Beautiful sweater.

Betty Morrissey

I'd like to take that class. (not the gym one, the knitting one) Oh that wasn't a gym class justa neoprene neighbor.

Marie Roche

Would you ever consider doing an on-line class? Your sweater is lovely.

Jennifer Knievel

Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater - I would love to make it! I have both of your books (love!) but don't recognize it. I'm about to pull them off the shelf to make sure, but if it's not in there, please let me know where I can buy a pattern! So pretty! You are such a fabulous designer. And also you inspire me to try new stuff.

I see why people have a hard time with the measuring; it's humbling, reality over ideal. And also, measuring is difficult without help.


The pattern is something I made up for the class. I'm working on it now, and if it is suitable for distribution, I will make it available.

London Conveyancing Solicitors

Awesome post. I admire to your creative post.


After reading this (http://www.coletterie.com/tutorials-tips-tricks/better-body-measurements), I bought a darn Myotape and am reveling in my "real" measurements. Which means I had to frog my half-finished Ingenue, because I was now officially 5" smaller in the bust than when I started, but that's how it goes sometimes. Women (in the US? Everywhere?) have such awful body-image issues. Our culture is so weird.


All I can say about your in-progress sweater-without-pattern is wow!! It's terrific!


I understand that Big Girl Knits has a great system for measuring all your measurements so it's easier to modify patterns for your actual body. This book was recommended when a friend said she thought that my sweater was going to be too long if I knit to the pattern schematic. I was blindly knitting along and not really thinking about it, but took a break to make sure that I wasn't accidently knitting a tunic. I am not, but now I want to know what my underarm to waist distance is, etc.


I love the sweater you're knitting for the class--it would really highlight some handspun!

Norma Harris

This pattern would be lovely as a shawlette, as is. It will be fabulous when finished.


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