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March 13, 2012



As a kid, i made one of those for my grandmother and it was so simple and easy. Plus, it made me feel so proud that my amazing gardener of a grandmother had it hung up on her patio. I had it for years after she died but eventually I stopped refreshing it, though I still have succulents that came from her yard. Aren't inherited plants a great thing? There's some irises that in my yard that were first divided at my great-grandmother's farm.


i'm a fan of "off topic" posts - they're the tonic to the knit. beautiful wreath - must remember that the next time i'm in need of an avoidance tactic.


It's a blog, not a knitting book/guide. And it's yours! Say what you want to about your life. If we like it we'll read. If we don't...

I love the succulent wreath. What a great idea. I live in the south of Portugal and because our summers are dry and hot I've planted a lot of succulents to minimize watering. It also helps that my husband has a nursery. Good for lots of cuttings!
Thanks for the idea. Now all I need is time!

Cynthia Eggers

Perfect timing! I just went to the Philadelphia Flower Show (first time ever and it was totally awesome!) and fell in love with the terrarium displays, so seeing yours gave me some added inspiration. The wreath is beautiful and inspiring too, would love to make one for my front door. Knitting and Gardening make perfect companions, don't you think?


I have a jade plant in my office that my mother in law gave me that was came from a plant her aunt gave her years ago. I love this wreath idea!


I enjoy your "off topic" posts. And it is your blog after all, write what you want!


That wreath is completely awesome. If I didn't have an official "black thumb" (I think i could kill one of those "air plants") I'd try to make one too.

Megan B.

Really pretty wreath!


Love it! I wonder how it would work in New England?


Last week I found myself smitten with a little jade plant! Now I can see I have a transformative plant and project ahead! YAY!
I always come to read your blog because we come from the same clan of creative, somewhat solitary (intimate circle of family is the best), somewhat snarky/often funny, willing to try most anything (and often it's a whim that does or does not work out),...explorer.
On topic/off topic, who cares. It's always like visiting a friend :)


What a great thing to share with Girlfriend! I remember digging in the dirt with my grandma and my mom - that's the main thing I miss about having a house (and land - it's hard to have an iris garden indoors.) Love the wreath!


I love it! I've never thought of making a live wreath. Thanks for sharing it.

Fleur Cotton

Well I think that was a very worthwhile project to put your needles aside for!!

I always feel guilty when I have a few days off knitting but when you focus on something else for a few days I always think you come back with reknewed enthusiasm for your needle project.

Fleur xx

Judi A.

I always enjoy "off topic" posts. Who are we, as the readers, to tell you what you can or cannot blog about on YOUR blog!! You introduced me to the jelly roll quilt. :-) Yes, I look to you for knitting stuff, but enjoy all the rest, too. Keep it up!


Hey, your wreath is really nice. I love the greenery.
I am going to be watching for the terrarium post because I too, have been really interested in making one. I keep seeing them everywhere. I just need to find a bowl of some sort.
No worries about going off topic from time to time....it is YOUR blog after all.


Very pretty wreath!

And my unsolicited two cents re: "off-topic" posts: This is your blog about your life, it's your choice to write what you want. It's my choice to read it and enjoy it, which I do immensely. Thank you for sharing!


Looovely wreath, fantastic directions and photo illustrations: thanks!


I love the comment "tonic to the knit". I miss your gym stories too.

I've wanted to make one of those succulent wreath for at least 5 years now. It keeps going into my "someday" list. Right now puppy training is taking over my life...but I know that someday she'll be a lazy old dog and just lay at our feet. For everything there is a season...

Gina in the SF East Bay

If tapping is your passion - definitely find a class. They are offered at dance schools, community centers, park and rec, adult schools, etc., all over the place. I started to tap dance about 20 years ago in a class that was mostly ladies well over 60. The first thing I noticed was their fantastic legs and great energy. I'm still tapping and in pursuit of those great legs.

Not so much luck with my jade plant. It's cooler up here in the Bay Area, and I lost it to a winter freeze.


Playing in the dirt is sooo much fun! Your wreath came out wonderful!


Love your blog so feel free to go off topic anytime!


Well worthy of an "off topic" post! That is really pretty.
Do you just spray the wreath? Or water it outright? I might do more research on these because they are great (don't see too many succulents growing in gardens in the North East, though!)


That wreath turned out awesome. I know with a blog you are "suppose" to stick with what you do/know, but this is your blog...do what you want. Plus, I like seeing something different...now we know you do something else besides knit. I have been following your blog for a couple of years...I think it is great.


Omg! I want to learn how to tap dance! I have been wanting to take lessons. It just looks like so much fun!


You just keep it moist by spraying it with the hose for awhile, but after a week or two, you let it sort of dry out in between. Succulents fare pretty well that way (at least in this area).

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