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November 22, 2011



That is SO COOL! Are you going to sell the pattern if its a winner??
I'd love to try my hand at making one.


I love your posts. :) They always crack me up. I can totally picture that Japanese dude eating hot dogs fast. That hat is cute. ;) If it is a good one.... hee hee hee


Yup, knit lots of things that won't work, that I won't wear, that I won't be able to foist off on anyone I know--because if it's interesting, that's enough :)

Yeah, Japanese hot dog eating/knitting the fun: metaphors for each other. LOL


Lol Wendy you know your fans so well. I was just preparing to type "nice hat, but it kind of looks like a boob." ;-) There are few joys in the knitting life better than when you are knitting something and you don't want it to end but you can't wait to wear it.


Nice boob hat. :)


On the TechKnitter's blog, she calls that a "knipple" because it's created by "knitting." Ha!


Wendy, I love your writing and your blog. And your photos... But I'm not a stalker, seriously! I just haven't kept up on my feed reading, for like a long time. So glad I checked in tonight!

Haha... Knipple. Whipple's Knippets! ;)


you crack me up! If the hat is a loser at least you have a cool sweatshirt on DA BEARS!


lol, I love it. I love the sweat shirt and I love that you're just knitting it to knit it, even though you know that it's futile :) Sometimes the love of a project is enough to make it worth the time.

Erin N.


'k, I'm done.


Wait...you're not writing it up???? But I wanna experience the slip-stitch magic! And the crown increases look so cool.


Well, it's an awesome color even if it turns out to be a loser.

I totally embrace the no-presure knitting from time to time. Sometimes the deadlines and obligations really get to me and I just want to relax! Some of the no-pressure projects have turned out to be something I like, or that get scooped up by family and friends. Some go to charity. Sometimes they even get unravelled. What does it matter when knitting should be fun?

Princess Di

I say save the nipple. That would be a guy magnet. Just saying.


Those increases are awesome. I'd probably keep knitting til the end too.


Ha Ha you are so funny Wendy. Even though you think your hat has loser potential I have to tell you that the color is great and it looks like a really neat pattern. Have a great Turkey Day


I'm so tired right now that when I read your post, it said "like that Japanese dude eats those hot frogs". How's that for a pretty picture?

Robin F.

I like the nipple- it adds to the whimsy.


Love your shirt...and am strangely intrigued by the hat! Enjoy your no-pressure knitting!

Judi A

I really like that hat, and the color! I have some yarn I would love to be eaten up and rid of, so please make the pattern available.


you're the kobayashi of knitters ;-) slip those sts!


Makes me feel warm just looking at it.Perfect as the cold winds start to blow.


Cute post...and yes, I'm a bit nuts.
I make lemon vodka in my hall closet all the time....and I knit to stay sane.

Have a great week, post the hat when it's done, I want to see it...and have a drink in your hand so I won't feel so alone:)


Cute! Very cute!!!!

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