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November 08, 2011


Jeanne Bishop

I'd like to see it be on-going so slow knitters like me can participate without feeling overwhelmed. I don't think you have to be tethered to your computer. You could announce "online hours" and be present only then (or as you see fit).


Ah tis the season to be suckered into making things for people. My sister asked for a knitted coffee cup sleeve. I said yes, it didn't look like it would take too long.

My BIL asked for a crocheted beard. I told him I didn't know how to crochet. He said I could learn. I told him if someone has to learn, it might as well be him... however, now I see that knitty has released a knitted beard, so I feel like I should make it for him. He appreciates knits, more than my husband for sure! (I made him a skull and crossbones hat and his wife said he slept in it that night.)

It isn't just limited to sewing/knitting. DH has a list from his Mom of things she thinks he should make (he does woodworking). He is currently working on baseball caddies for our nephews. I think he is excited about it now- but he wasn't when the "request" came in.

I knit faster than I sew, so I'm more apt to knit something than sew. I only make quilts for babies!


Compared with knitting by hand, sewing is hardly a commitment at all. I am a serial craft monogamist myself, and I have a spate of kids' clothes seeing coming on. :)


I wonder if it has to do with the time investment. I've become open to other crafts since I've become a knitter because I realize that, really, most things don't take long when compared to knitting. I made a pillow covered with eyeballs recently for a Christmas gift, as you do. It took one evening. Compared with knitting a pair of socks, it flew!


there is something abt the appreciation of a finished sewn object vs a finished knit object. I get more oohs and aahs from a sewn apron than a pair of socks. Don't know why that is, but this is why I tend to only knit for my kids or charity.


I knit and think alot about sewing...

knowing I don't like to sew and hoping if I think about it long enough I'll change my mind...

soon my house will reek of fried won tons..

I've been thinking about them lately too.

Isobel Anderson

The oven mitts are totally cute! Love them!


I actually do more knitting than sewing for gift-giving purposes. I think that maybe it's because I used to sew professionally, so sewing is more like "work." Then again, I only knit small projects for gifts, and sewing small things can be kind of fiddly. I don't know... please pass the taquitos.

Jaimie Mehrbrodt

Curious, the oven mitts you sew, do you do anything special to them to make them usable? I received one once and tried to use it and burnt my hand. There was nothing there except fabic, no heat resistant material. I still love it, but use it for decoration instead. I would love to make them but would like them usable.


I'm procrastinating too. Except I'm ignoring Christmas knitting for charity knitting. Why I do this every year I'll never know. And let's not even talk about my office...


They are totally useable. There is something called "Insulbrite" that is an insulator with fibers in it that deflect the heat. I just layer it: lining/warm and natural cotton batting/insulbrite/outer fabric and it's all good!


I don't think you are alone there. Sewing is a different beast altogether. With knitting I am making the fabric then essentially hand stitching it together. With sewing I feel like I'm cutting and pasting with scissors and glue, just like craft time in elementary school! Or maybe that is just my crappy sewing. In any case, thanks for the craving for taquitos...


i love sewing, too. knitting has become tedious for me these days. i tend to only do it as a means for getting together with people at knitting night. however, i do want to finish the felted pillow i'm making...

Seanna Lea

I think you should have a limit for the KAL, but you will receive questions about it undoubtedly no matter how long you have been done.

Rainy Daisy

Sewing feels a lot more like manipulating someone else's materials. Knitting feels like creating your object from the ground up. And takes longer...and if it's really the craft that's stolen your heart, then it IS personal. Sewing is more of a hobby. And I totally agree, all around.


Wow I know how you feel. I am knitting gifts for everyone and I don't know how I'm going to finish everything in time.


I like the mitts!

btw... how are the dogs doing? How about an update and some pictures?


This is a response to the girlfriend coat...She's always been beautiful but I can't believe that she's grown up so much. I remember the first girlfriend coat (and before). Sigh. Time, it does march on, doesn't it?


Oh yes. Time marches on. It's almost like I woke up one morning and she was *nearly* all grown up!


AH! Knitting for others! I have a love/hate thing with that. I love when people love something, but when someone doesn't love it or just seems "meh" about it that annoys me! My brother has been demanding a pair of knitted socks for about 3 years now. It does not matter to him that I don't knit socks. (Last year for my birthday he bought me a book about how to knit socks. Can you say passive/aggressive?) And the thing is I have made several different things for him and he is always, always like "meh... thanks..." If I went to dpns hell for him and he "meh"ed my gift I would seriously probably kill him. And to make it even more annoying, his wife is also a knitter. Why can't she make him some socks?


I'm sitting here at the computer when I should be finishing my almost here grandson's sweater and blanket.I should also be sewing up A storm so my new grandson's four year old sister will have doll clothes for the winter.I hate it when I spend my time knitting OR sewing and it is meet with lukewarm appreciation....sitting at the computer....


Hey, I could use some Christmas oven mitts! Just sayin'...

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