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October 16, 2011



Have you tried some of the west coast sheep & wool festivals like OFFF (oregon flock & fiber festival) or Black Sheep gathering?

These are closer to you, and should be easier to get to. And I can't go, because they're too far away. If you ever do get to go to Rhinebeck though, you can look me up in the Holiday Yarns booth, and I'll give you a hug and stitchmarkers. I'll probably have a Ravelry pin claiming I'm thegeorg. I promise not to bite unless you ask me.


I DID get to go to Rhinebeck....(sorry...) and it was great! Good friends, good food...fun times and wonderful yarn AND....sheep....AND alpacas.....AND..... Some year you will have to go....you should be one of the authors signing their books!!


there are buffalo in my neck of the woods. It's amazing to see them just hanging out. Are you going to offer up the cowl patterns?!?! looking forward to them, if you do.


The patterns are being edited as I type this (both the swing coat sweater and the cowls)


I'm another one who sort of wishes she went to Rhinebeck. But I have MD Sheep & Wool within an hour's drive, so I can't really complain. I'd like to go to the WoolFest in Estes Park, CO one day too.

I have no idea what the Missoni/Target debacle is either. But I really like herringbone patterns.


Did go to Rhinebeck, and yes, you should go at some point.

And oh YEAH is that group ever cliquey. It's pretty bad. Even my husband noticed. Which is amazing, because he is a guy.


COME to OREGON!!!! We have sheep - (and it's an easy trip - we share a border!)


If you don't want to go all the way to the East Coast, Oregon has two great fiber festivals with lots of sheep. Blacksheep Gathering is in Eugene every June. And Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is in late September, in Canby.


I'm curious - what kind of yarn is the crimson skein?


It is Dream in Color Classy in Lipstick Lava


So why does it still show you with Xanadu in your ears and not Louder Than Bombs?

Love the faux herringbone. I'm thinking a skirt would be a cool use of the stitch pattern.


You're right. Must change the album, there. Louder than Bombs it is.


I love the cowl in this post. Is this your own design, is is something that has been published yet? Thanks!


My own design. I just had it professionally edited, so it'll be up for sale soon.


Those photos are amazing! I love the cowls.


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