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October 16, 2011



I wish I were in Rhinebeck this weekend meeting some of my Ravelry friends, but no, I was having a garage sale. You should start small, come to the Shepherd's Harvest in MN next spring (mother's day weekend). You will see sheep and goats and llama's and alpaca and lots of lovely yarn! We'd love to have you visit us!

Princess Di

I am NOT in Rhinebeck. Next year I'm going. I am going to Stitches East instead BUT seems like all the vendors I WANT to see are at Rhinebeck and not Stitches next weekend. Bummer. Next year.


I am obviously not in Rhinebeck, but it does look beautiful there! I live in Cali now, but I still miss Wisconsin. . . . especially fall. I find that we have two seasons here: ridiculously abundant sunshine (read hot and dry!), or rain. Neither qualifies as interesting weather---let alone anything remotely close to being seasonal! Anyway, the combination of a *real* fall experience with yarn and such would be lovely!


I've been catching up on my blog reading today, and I believe you're correct: It feels like everyone is at Rhinebeck, and I have a serious case of jealousy. We don't have anything like that here in the Deep South -- it's too frickin' hot. We have crafts and antiques festivals, and food festivals out the yin-yang... but no fiber festivals. And my husband doesn't understand that I NEED to go to Rhinebeck and that it would be ok if we didn't eat for a couple of weeks! /end rant


As one who has loads of blogs in my readers, there do seem to be times that "everyone" is somewhere at certain times during the year. I also have managed to feel left out even when I was at the current place to be, because I am so very shy. So, I've tried to get over my shyness and just walk up and say hi. Sometimes I get pushed aside, and ignored, but sometimes I wind up having a wonderful chat with someone I'd never have met. I saw your new book at the show today, but because you weren't there to sign it, I passed. I will get a copy, but I didn't want to carry it around if it wasn't signed. :)


I love to knit, especially socks, but there's no way, financially, I could swing a trip to the East Coast (I live in Washington State) for a conference. I'm okay with that, but I'm EXTREMELY thankful that the Sock Summit is in Portland, Oregon. I went this year to check out the vendors and was in heaven. At the next Sock Summit in 2013, I'm gonna go crazy and actually sign up for a class :-)


I may have Mickey, but I dont have any cool yarny events that I can go to. Atlanta is the closest and even that is a difficult one to swing. One day I hope to go to Rhinebeck. So not all the ppl in the know are there!!!


I don't know if I will ever go to Rhinebeck. I think that it would be fun but from CA to back east I don't know how I would swing that one unless.....there was a family trip involved. Still probably won't happen. I am very interested in your cowl. I really like the shirt that you were wearing in your last post. I just might need one of those :)


I would definitely come and meet you at Rhinebeck if you came next year! I go, but mostly to oogle in awe at everyone and tell myself that "I saw SO-AND-SO"... even though I never have the courage to go up and actually hold a conversation with them. I'm also afraid of crowds, so, I don't really get to see the nice yarn either.


When I was a little girl there used to be sheep up in the hills around Simi Valley all the time. Not anymore though. Some of those hills are full of houses now, but most of them just don't have sheep anymore. I've often wondered what happened to them all.


I'm not at Rhinebeck because I live in the UK! Therefore I have no idea what the Missoni/Target debacle is either.

But I really like herringbone patterns.


I'm not at rhinebeck either. And what's worse is I had to work this weekend! No knitting conference and a working weekend?! Sucks! I'm also in the grateful for sock summit camp. And, hey, I love your cowl! I think I need to make myself one of those. Like a scarf but different!


I live in Maine, and we have a much smaller fiber festival. With animals! Rhinebeck seems just too overwhelming for me. There are plenty of festivals around these parts where you can touch a sheep. I got to hold a baby cashmere goat. I wanted to tuck it under my coat and head home with it.
Rhinebeck is the mother of them all though, so if you want to go big, that's the place.


Rhinebeck. A good time. Get Green Mountain Coffee. Take cash....leave the plastic at home if you are like me and lack control....I too missed Rhinebeck this year. To many other things hit the budget and I had no justification to go. I certainly did not need any fiber.


I didn't get to Rhinebeck this year either (damn wedding anniversary). Hoping for next year! Please do come east at some point, I would love to meet you! Any plans for a publihed pattern of the herringbone you are working on?


No need to go to the other coast. Jut mosey into California's Central Valley and you'll see all the livestock/sheep/orchards/whatever you want. From Bakersfield up beyond Sacramento. It's the part of California that gets largely ignored by Sunset Magazine and Hollywood, but according to Wiki, "On less than 1 percent of the total farmland in the United States, the Central Valley produces 8 percent of the nation’s agricultural output by value: 17 billion USD in 2002."

I was born and raised here, then lived in San Francisco for several years. The valley has its drawbacks, for certain, but I always think it's funny that Southern Californians and Bay Area-ites scratch their heads when someone from the CV talks about their town. "Huh, never heard of it." Yeah, I know.

But come on over and see the sheep. There's some gorgeous Merino to be had in the foothills, too. :)


I love the herringbone look! Thank goodness for the Missoni debacle! :)

If you want to see sheep, alpaca, llamas, goats, etc you should come up to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. It's the last weekend in September every year and is a fun festival showcasing fiber, yarn, and the animals they come from. It might be closer than Rhinebeck for you. And it's a beautiful time of year in Portland, OR!

Seanna Lea

I've been to Rhinebeck once before and I really enjoyed it even if I was too shy to really talk to anybody. I didn't go this time because I had doctor's appointments both Sat and Sun. Piffle!


I was lucky enough to stand in a pen of sheep at a dear friend's farm. They were like, drawn to me. I got to rub their heads and everything. Haven't touched a real sheep since, though.


It may not be "Rhinebeck" but it sure is much closer, Lambtown USA in Dixon, CA. I've never been, but have heard great things. http://www.lambtown.com/calendar09.html


I was lucky enough to go to Rhinebeck last year and it was great. What I enjoyed the most though was the beautiful drive through the mountains and the fall colors. I was sad to miss it this year but hope to go back. Hope you'll make it sometime too.


Oregon has several different wool gatherings (I am still trying to get to Sock Summit, or at least Madrona)

Maureen J

I haven't been to any of this coast's festivals, but plan to see some when my other knee gets replaced. I hear great things about Oregon's Black Sheep festival, and Oregon Flock and Fiber, and the Taos, NM festival would be beautiful.
I'm not at Rhinebeck, either. Last year, I decided to cheer myself with some online fiber shopping, only to discover that all the fiber in the universe seemed to be there, too.


I just finished the Henry scarf from an old edition of knitty.com. It has the herringbone pattern, and despite taking FOREVER to knit a row, I really loved it!


in the meantime, you could go to a petting zoo :)
or I guess save it for the big trip! the fun! the excitement! the sheep!

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