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October 09, 2011



Love the cowl. Hope we will be able to get the pattern. Am actually exploring slip stitches (mentally) these days myself.

So agree with you about the swirl of ideas. Too many sometimes. How do I choose? Both a curse and a joy.


I love the cowl, the color is beautiful! I'm also really digging your shirt ; )


I love slip stitch patterns AND knitting in the round. Perfect combo. And I agree about the crazy swirling ideas. Sometimes I have way too many and sometimes not enough.


I'm doing a hat with slips for my SIL who has cancer. I was thinking the same thing about that shirt.


Love this post. The swirling ideas - it's so true. And... I LOVE the T-shirt!

Pam Bode

Love the shirt, and love the cowl! Pattern soon I hope!

Meredith MC

That t-shirt is envy-inspiring. The cowl too! I know what you mean about the ideas- only if I don't don't write them down when they land on me, sometimes they fly away and I forget they were ever there! Or I'll scribble some nonsense that doesn't do justice to the beauty of the idea and it won't exert the same power to compel when I return to it later.
Thanks for the thoughtful and pretty post!

Princess Di

The T Shirt. Love. It. The cowl. Mad. Cool.


I like the cowl but I love the shirt!


Is that a prototype of the t-shirt you talked about a long time ago? Love it! And I love the cowl. Also, your description of the creative ideas that come in swirls and the mourning that happens when they leave - beautiful. That was one of those moments when I thought, "Finally, someone put words to the feelings that I have." I love it when someone writes something that really resonates with me. Especially when it's about a part of me that I know is relatively unique.


I also am LOVING your shirt. I'm sure that you and others constantly get asked when your knitting something in public (usually socks), "What are you making me?" "Can you make me a pair." This shirt says sooo much, where can I get one?


My husband had it made for me as a gift.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

The cowl is lovely , and your shirt totally gets my admiration..but your description of ideas/creativity as circling birds of prey is just perfect. I hope yours keep swooping in.

Seanna Lea

I've done the zombie costume. It can be a ton of fun. I bet your zombie hair is on par with mine. My hair is zombie styled nearly every day whether I want it to be or not.


You often crystallize things (ideas) so clearly in your prose. I agree...now I am off to see if I an breathe though the fog of ideas and wanting to accomplish.

Leslie Hodges

Wendy, your tee shirt rocks. :)


I love the cowl and the t-shirt is perfect!


The cowl is really lovely -- the pattern would make a nice man-scarf (though obviously one wouldn't knit that in the round). And OH how I love that tee. :)


handsome cowl like the concept of sheen showing the design off,
grace us w/ the pattern please more than willing to pay
I guess I am too lazy to figure it out myself !!
T-shirt Hilarious
Thanks for your inspiration

Kevin Ruiz

Great job! I really love it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

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