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October 21, 2011



LOL You crack me up! I understand what you're saying though. Why should we knit stuff for people if they aren't going to use it?!? Like this year, I offered to make hats for my nephews. I ASKED first before I just went ahead and made some. I wanted to be sure they (or their mother) would like to have them. Why should I waste my time on someone else when I've got projects that I'd like to do?

P.S. Love the pics! HWWV is talented for sure.


Not selfish - pragmatic. Just because the activity is value-add in terms of your personal enjoyment, doesn't mean that the end result shouldn't be value-add to the recipient.



I feel the same way. It took a while for me to learn, though. I made some gifts that I'm sure were never worn, and didn't know what to say when asked to knit a bolero for a First Communion. The girl who asked me also had cornered me into knitting her a poncho earlier. If I do knit for my family, I make sure that they are involved in pattern and yarn choice.


You are SO right. I had a sweater 2/3 done when I realized it was too small. My mom suggested I just finish it and find someone to give it to (and she didn't mean herself). I was like.. this represents $100 and even more hours. hell NO I'm not giving this away!

I try to give people a graceful out when I offer to knit something for them, and I turn a polite deaf ear to people who suggest I make them something for the fun of it.


I hear ya! The quickest way for me NOT to knit something for someone is for them to ask me to. And if I ever see you mistreat anything that I have knitted, such as a shrug that my niece begged for and then I found it in the bottom of her closet under a pile of 147 shoes when I helped her move... well forget about ever getting anything that I spent time making. Besides, people don't realize the price of a skein of sock yarn. They have no clue that's a $20 pair of socks!

And then there's those folks that think they are doing you a favor by offering to pay you for knitting it for them! I usually tell them that they may want to check to see if Nieman's has anything similar, because by the time they pay for the yarn and I charge them $18 an hour (that's what I make at my day job.) Nieman's full price may be one hellova bargain.


Your hubby made those pictures for you because he knew you'd use them and appreciate them...and you do! Oh, you crack me up.
Now off to knit my current socks for myself...not giving away my $100+ socks (yarn plus time) to nobody, unless I really really really appreciate them (like my friend who provided me with the Weeds Season 7 episodes...that was worth it).


ahhhhh, everyone in my knitting group feels the same way. Kind of like the old Seinfeld episode where Elaine determined if a date was "sponge worthy". Some of my family and friends are "knit worthy" and others, not so much, or at the very least, not decent or lovely wool worthy.


I love the photos (especially yours)! I just released a pattern for the Super Sock Scarefest group (we do socks themed on various scary movies, lol). I used the original Night of the Living dead, and I really wanted to go through zombie transformation, but I just couldn't pull it off. However, you would definitely make a terrifying (but stylish) zombie :)


I love the pictures!

After someone gave me a handmade gift he spent hours making that I HATED, I totally re-thought the knitting for others thing. Because what that gift turned into was a giant pile of guilt. I felt terrible that someone worked so long and hard on something that I didn't like. Every time I looked at it I felt bad. So. I don't want to impose that feeling on anyone else. And if they wouldn't feel guilty about not liking what I made, they don't deserve it either! :)

So I'm with you: only knit something for someone if you're absolutely certain they will love it. Otherwise it's not fair to you or to them.


I adore those pictures--you make lovely monsters:) and rather frightening ones.


This is the blog post I've been composing in my mind. I had a request a couple of weeks ago to knit 4 Christmas socks..("but there's still a lot of time before now and the holidays"). I knit socks for my sister because she'll just about stop people on the street to show them. I'm very very picky about who I'll knit for...because there's never that much time between now (pick a month) and the holidays (Dec 25). :)

Thank you for the great post....and the fantastic pictures!


I stopped telling people that I knit because the first thing they ask is "Can you make me a scarf/hat/mittens?" I love knitting but I also love going to the gym, cooking myself dinner, going out to get a drink and the other occasional non-knitting activity. I knit for myself and my family, anyone else that receives a knitted item from me is pretty damn special!


I feel the exact same way. I had a coworker ask me to knit hats for her boys. I had to answer No. It would be too much pressure. Would they like them? Would they fit? And if she wanted to pay me, what would I charge?
Now, if I'm in the mood to knit hats for little boys, or I see a perfect pattern, I may pick up the needles and make one or two. Then it will be fun and relaxing, not stressful. Until then, she'll have to buy some hats.


these pictures are awesome! I need a HWWV to take pictures of me and then digitally truss me up like a zombie!


I'll admit that I'm damn selfish! Though currently I am knitting a shawl for a long-time friend's wedding and just did a baby blanket for my boyfriend's sister. I'm hoping these items don't end up in the street somewhere, but you never know.

But of course, in between I'm working on a couple sweaters and a hat for myself. ;-)

Happy Halloween!!

Helen in Switzerland

Oh you took the words right out of my mouth...Right now I'm working on a quilt for a god-daughter and if it EVER gets used as a dog blanket (highly possible), then I swear I will kill someone!


I am completely a selfish knitter. I will sew for other people because what I can sew in a weekend or a couple weekends is far more impressive than what I can knit in the same period of time. I just don't enjoy knitting for other people. Knitting is what I do to bring in extra income and having to knit for someone else feels like doing overtime at work.

I'm not the least bit contrite about feeling this way. That probably makes me a terrible person. :)


Fun stuff!


Actually, I don't see any problem with being a selfish knitter. I don't knit for anyone else if I don't feel they'll appreciate it or actually use it. Kind of a no-brainer.


I won't knit anything for anyone unless they ask for it specifically...And I must like you. As a surprise, I once designed and knit a hat for someone in a maroon yarn. When I called to ask if he received the hat, the first thing he said (as if he was irritated) was "Yeah, I don't wear maroon." So I've had that rule since then.

Seanna Lea

I completely understand your feelings. I still knit things for people (even people who might not fully appreciate it), but I don't knit these things with a deadline. So, there are Christmas presents, but only if I happen to make something and have it ready near Christmas. It just drives me too bonkers otherwise.

(This is after the year where I made 2 pairs of socks for my MIL and a scarf for my FIL that involved a finicky herringbone pattern and 2 skeins of sock yarn.)


The pic of your daughter is freaky! I love it!

I mostly knit for myself--you're not alone.

I highly recommend the line (did I learn the line here? Perhaps Ravelry? Anyway, not my line) "I'll just knit it for you out my magic a$$hole". They either laugh with understanding, or learn not to ask such silly questions.


This post just helped me slim down my Christmas knitting. It's hard when you make something you love and give it to someone you love and then watch them not love that thing. Bahh a piece of my heart is crushed for all my laid aside FO, and those of others who work so hard.


I couldn't agree more with this post, although it took me many years to learn that no one appreciates hand-crafted gifts as much as the crafter. I drove myself crazy last year trying to knit for everyone... never again!


You're right, and you're not being selfish. Creating things takes a lot of time and dedication. It's not like buying off amazon. We should only do it if we really like the person AND we're sure they would love the item AND creating that item doesn't make us want to poke out our own eyes.

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