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October 31, 2011



I love your fabric choices!

erin kate

It looks awesome! I've never been much for quilting, but it really looks great!


just watched the video and they seem to be so easy to make! I am desperate to make a quilt for my living room. Thanks for sharing!


It looks so cosy! Love the camper van fabric :)


Great quilt, love your fabric choices. Never wanted to make a quilt before until I watched that video. Maybe it was the peppy music :)


I want you to hold it up like the ladies in the video did !!!! And what amazes me when I watch this video is how your typical quilting rules go out the window~ There is no pressing after each seam, just put together and sew!!!!! They came out really cool looking, very modern. A lot easier than cutting up a bunch of strips and sewing them together row by row~ Love the music to the video as well!!!


Quilting always seemed too much work, but this looks doable. Thanks for the link!


That is exactly why working in this fashion turns me on so much! I have done more intricate and "fussy" quilting, but this is soooo satisfying. First, it's quick and second, you work in a no-rules zone and that can be quite freeing.

Princess Di



My mind, it is blown. Must try this.


That's so cool, I may have to try that.

Maureen J

I think even with my antipathy toward my sewing machine, I could do this. Thanks.


Oh, I so want to do this! Super cute! And what a great way to use those great fabrics!

Seanna Lea

I keep buying fabric, because the colors and patterns are so lovely. Obviously I need to get into quilting so I can use up my fabric stash!


Wow, that is so cool!

Kathy S

Ooh. Now I have visions of doing one in Christmas fabric!


Thanks for that thought, Kathy. Now I'm going to want to do one, too.


I've got to make one of these! Quilting I can handle! Then I just have to figure out how to do the binding.


I'm so going to make this after I figure out the first step. Miter like binding?


look it up on Google! You can find out how to do anything by just doing a simple search...


I think my MIL and SILs just did something like that. I need to do that with my stash. Using my 2 berninas that are just sitting, collecting dust!. I have a huge stash I could use. Too bad the quilting part isn't as quick as the sewing the quilt top is!!


Can I ask where the guitar and the camper patterned cloth came from?


It is from fabricworm.com

I think it is on sale, actually!


So it is! Thank you! :)

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