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October 02, 2011



Beauty! Girlfriend is such a little model.

Will this new size be available in pattern form?


It will range from age 2 to 12

The Sexy Knitter

OH my word! Look how big she is now! That is insane. Also, great coat!

Tina Boscha

I first started reading this blog (under "auragone") when girlfriend was a toddler. WHOA! She's on the verge of tweendom, if not there already!

And, I think I want this coat for me.


I once made a baby sweater with snap closures that I sewed buttons on top of just for looks. That wasn't so wonky...just a thought.
Beautiful girl, beautiful sweater, btw. I can't wait to see the final version of the sweater!


how about those nifty buttons that screw into the sweater, so you can remove them if you want to...or hook & eye tape?


Gorgeous sweater! I know what you mean about closures being difficult to decide upon.

Girlfriend looks fantastic too. All grown up! I actually thought she was an adult from the first picture (looking at just the back). lol


It's such a gorgeous piece. I might have to add it to my queue when you're done with it!


When did "girlfriend" grow up? Such a beauty. The sweater is awesome. I'll look forward to the new sizing:)


To me, that sweater screams ties & pompoms. But buttons would be much easier!

Princess Di

Great coat. I love the color of the yarn.

erin kate

Great quote! And great coat! :)


Are you going to size that for grownups? I totally think that style would look great on me!! (size 10...) just sayin'.
Its beautiful

Debbie Collins

I hope you size it for grownups! I love it and the color is beautiful!


Princess Leia is the awesomest Halloween costume ever, especially if you can rock the ear buns. (And the coat is adorable too.)

Brenda Jones

The older Girlfriend gets, the more she looks like you.

Sue Krekorian

Absolutely gorgeous: girlfriend and jacket. Does she have any ideas about closures? Pretty please do size it up to adult size.


I'd go for the ties and pompoms. The cuteness factor is awesome. And I was princess leia one year for halloween (I was 16). My mom made the white dress for me, the one with the big sleeves, hood, and cape things hanging off the back. My hair was down to my butt, so I had some pretty kick-ass ear buns myself. Too bad I only wore it into the back yard where we were supposedly having a party but only my neighbor came...

Seanna Lea

I think the pompoms are a fun idea for the age bracket. If it were my size, I'd refrain. I hardly need extra large fluffy balls emphasizing, well, pretty much anything!


I agree with the Jul closures that you poke through and secure, and can change to other garments. Or snaps, like on your cape!


You once said that girlfriend looks nothing like you. But look at that smile! I know where thats coming from!
She is lovely, and so is her mom.


She's a beauty!


When did she get so BIG??! I thought this was an ADULT version of your swing coat when I saw the first pic! Even her face is looking more "mature"! And, I can't wait to see the Leia buns! She DOES have perfect hair for that!


Wow she is so cute with her hair. I love her looks and her hair is very nice.


Oh Wendy - this is brilliant!!! Lovely color and wonderful design - - - and girlfriend is a doll!

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