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September 16, 2011



Hi! My favorite would have to be the owl cable. I love owls!

Julie gravelle

Stockinette is good for me.


I love seed stitch - elegant - love the texture!


Congratulations!!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy - your first book is one of my favorite all time knitting books.
My favorite stitch is the daisy stitch. Doing a wrap with them makes it look like you are wearing a field of flowers:).
Lisa G.

Linda Blakely

well done!! my favorite stitch is a recent discovery. it's the wrong side of the broken rib - (RS) knit, (WS) K1P1. to me it resembles popcorn and it really is wonderful!


Congratulations! Your book is on my amazon wish list. Now that it's out, I think it will quickly move into my shopping basket. My favorite stitch is garter slip stitch. Hypnotic, soothing, and looks much more complicated than it is. Fun to play with different colors.

Andrea P

I love the bamboo stitch! It's so pretty!


Probably my favorite stitch is the mock cable...love using it on a sock because I don't need a cable needle or to bring the pattern with me and it's super-quick to work up. :-)

*crosses fingers and toes*


Oh wow, thanks for having a giveaway! As for my favorite stitch, I think it'd have to be feather-and-fan.

Tara Kievlan

My favorite stitch is the PSSO, I even love the abbreviation.

Aimee Reel

I can't wait to see the new book. Congratulations! My favorite stitch is garter stitch. It's the simplest ever, yet it truly stands out and makes me take a second look at knits when they incorporate it. It's always surprising to come across, because so many of us leave it at the gates when we cross over into knit-land...but we really shouldn't. It's lovely.


Oooh, what a fun question.

I think seed stich is one of my favorite stitches to look at (Debbie Bliss comes to mind) but my favorite stitch is simple stockinette. It's just so versatile. :)

BTW - I love the first Custom Knits!


So happy for you! Congrats on the newest book and on all the books to come. We are so lucky. Favorite stitch? I do think mistaken rib in a chunky soft alpaca is pretty divine. Too bad I live in a climate that will not tolerate alpaca or chunky. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

Sylvie S

Favorite stitch depends on what I'm working on. I love reversible cables a lot at the moment.


Nothing more soothing than a little garter stitch between more complicated projects. Also, love the horseshoe cable.


Squeeeeee! New books! *jazzhands*

I like catspaw lace. I did a scarf for someone once and imagined that her mew was stepping all over it as I knit it up. Made for many giggles on my part, and even more when the cat kept seeking out that particular scarf to cuddle up to once it was gifted.


So tough to choose just one favorite stitch! I love the mindlessness of working stockinette in the round, but I'm also a big fan of the broken rib stitch.


Ooh, nifty neato keen! New books! This one has been on my Amazon wish list since the first day I heard about it :-)

My current favorite stitch is broken rib. However, after 3 scarves and 2 hats, I might get a little tired of it...


How exciting! Congratulations! I can't wait to see it. My favorite stitch is seed stitch, most especially as a border to stockinette.


Congratulations! My fav is definitely the bamboo stitch!


I am such a vanilla person - give me stocking stitch. I love plain socks more than patterned every time.


fun! mine would be the owl cables...been stalking your blog until now...love your designs!


I love seed stitch! Congratulations


Garter stitch! Yay!


Barbara Walker's Peri's Parasol has got to be my favorite stitch pattern. I'm currently working out a small obsession with it in sock and cowl forms ;).

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