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June 12, 2011



It is pretty though!


So definitely not a loser! I like the shape! I knit my grandmother a blanket sized Girasole for her 90th birthday this year, and when she opened it, her first words were "Oh, I can put it on the table in the hall!" She put it on her bed while I was visiting, but I'd bet it's on a table right now...


I bet if you had more yarn and would have continued, this would have been a great pattern.


Sorry about the disappointing shawl stuff. I have had a few of those, too.

Can't wait to see some of the pictures from your new book.


Never fear...you may be able to sell it as a parasol. It totally looked like one to me at first, and I thought it was cool :)


I love her description. Try it and see if it works--maybe you'll love it!

Sue Krekorian

It is very pretty. Wouldn't the pattern work if it wasn't a circular shawl, but with four or five points, worked back and forth? Still pointy, lacy loveliness, but the yarn would go further and it would be easier to wear?


I like the parasol idea! I've even seen instructions online for knitting a parasol. Ravelry?

Connie G.

Out of the mouths of babes.....
We're glad you're back blogging, too! Can't wait to see the new book.


I also see a parasol there. Which would be really, really cool.

Linda B.

I love it as a kid's shawl - I was trying to find something in a smaller scale for my little niece recently, and nothing was working for me.


Kids are great for honesty. It's not that bad as a table topper though, and the knitting is nicely done.

Judi A

I did get a chuckle at your daughter's response to your latest creation. I've always said, "One of the reasons God gave us children is to keep us humble!" The knit pattern looks beautiful, so if not in an updated version of this, you should incorporate it into a new creation! Glad you're back to blogging and glad the photo shoot went so well for you. :-)

Seanna Lea

I would totally see if you could stretch it over an umbrella frame and make a cheerful lace parasol.


Why call it a loser? It will be a wonderful star pointed shawl if you just make it a little bigger and block it properly. Who said shawls have to be round or triangular, or square, or semicircular ONLY???


Darn! I'm not the first to think "parasol." Well, it might be worth a think!


Parasol. Definitely a parasol. I just don't know how to put it on the framey apparatus thingy. (All highly technical terms by the way)


Can't wait can't wait!


I also see a parasole. Or drop 2 triangles out and knit back and forth to make a not quite circular shawl, as I think the other Sue was suggesting.
And I like the yellow.


I see a parasol also.... even before I read everyone else's comments as such!


Wendy, you're always mentioning the 3rd book, but when does the Second one come out?? Can't wait, but curious!!




I agree, it is pretty! It can also be an heirloom baby blanket 'cause not all baby blankets are square or rectangular or round.


That is too lovely to be a "loser!" Very cool idea behind it. You should give the idea another try, I would love to knit a star-shaped shawl!


This actually looks like the top of a parasol!!!!

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