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May 01, 2011



What a stunning picture!
Congratulations to both of you.
I'm glad you think it's a plus to be married to an artist. I'm a professional musician by training (though a mom by default), and I'm constantly asking myself if that was the right path (the music stuff, not the mom stuff - I'm okay with that obviously!)


Aaaw, I love you Wendy. Thanks for the peek into your life. You look fabulous with the smoke swirling about you. Dates and numbers are so insignificant when you come down to it.
Happy whatever-versary!




Gorgeous photo!!


You are the best! thank you for sharing..... glad you have a great partner in life :)


such an awesome pic.


Can I just say you look kick ass in this photo? Can I say that? Too late, I guess. I already have.

Shirley Gallagher

You look fabulous in this photo. Love the hat too.


I love the hat, I love the lip color, I love the photo. The subject of the photo is fortunate to have HWWW that can take such wonderful photos!

Seanna Lea

That is a great photo. I love how your hair glows. It makes me think of happy days in the 80s, though I'm sure the image is more universal than that.


What a beautiful photo! I love reading your blog, it's totally inspiring and hilarious.


I instantly thought of Rickie Lee Jones when I saw the photo--I wore out two copies of that in vinyl back in the day.

I'[m married to an artist, too. And that's his day job.

Iim so excited to get my hands on the new book.........


That is a gorgeous photo and a wonderful story! I am lucky enough to be married to a man who lets me be myself, and it's the best. :-)


My husband and I share a cigar several times a week over a wine and a beer on our deck. That is, it's his cigar and I take a puff now and then. It's our together time. I totally relate. Our kids are grown but the dog and cats love cocktail hour.


This is so funny - I just read about the new Chanel lipstick yesterday in a fashion magazine. And Vanessa Paradis' (who is one of Chanel's models apparently) favourite colour appears to be "boy". And it looks as stunning on you as it does on Vanessa! Great picture!


LOVE the hat!!! Just downloaded the pattern, and ordered several balls of the yarn from elann.com. You're the best! :)

Pablo Gonzalez

i love this. i wanna give the Le slouch a try!!

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