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May 15, 2011


Julianne Q

The worst habit I've had would be not removing makeup before bed. Still battling with that one.


Responding is difficult as I realize many of my bad habits are still habits...I did learn to give up liquor at the ripe age of 23. I fell asleep in my own car dressed as a pirate at one of my husbands concerts...before he even made it onstage. Turns out just one or two Ketel Ones for me are equal to seven or eight for the experienced drinker. I have learned to savor and appreciate beer, in extreme moderation.

Ruth G.

Smoking is my biggest bad habit..I have cut back alot, but just can't give it up..I'm also bad about taking care of everyone else, but not myself..

Cirilia Rose

Can I just say all of the above?...

I'm a junk food eating picker who had a phase with cigarettes...shame!!

Krys Shortstory

I've never smoked anything before. :) Lemonheads and popcorn were my weakness until braces. They still are, really.


moody, crappy men were a really bad habit for a while...finally broke that habit. ;)

LoriAnne Jazzar

My chiropractor is glad I broke the habit of cracking my neck... not the scary way some people do where they use their hands and turn their head in some freaky fast movement... I just did what looked like a little hair flip and released a bit of endorphins... ahh to be young again :P


Well, when I was a kid, I bit my fingernails. Now I don't. I don't reember consciously giving up on it, but obviously I did. What I was more conscious about was eating food just because it's there, especially in restaurants, especially when the serving is huge, and, most especially, it's a side dish that I don't really like. At one point about 20 years ago, I had an epiphany about this: simply put, you don't get a discount for cleaning your plate.


yikes...blogging is my habit...nail biting/picking? yikes!!!

Patricia Retlick

Good you stopped smoking. My Dad was the smoker & gave it up at 70. His daughters never got the habit. Enjoy your blog.

Linda Cannon

Everyone does what you did and then something says"Oh No" and you decide it is becoming a habit and know that it was a form of rebellion and move on. Then there are those poor people who become addicted. And I truly feel bad for them, they really cannot stop, and of course the tobacco industry really doesn't want them to.


Thanks for the giveaway! I used to bite my nails, until my mother promised me a *real* manicure if I quit. I haven't bit them since junior high, but I will still pick at my cuticles.


hmmm...thumbsucker until age 10? i've got some vices (red wine, chocolate, french fries) but are those bad habits?


I used to bite my fingernails, but I made myself stop. Now I let them grow until they start to break which is a bad habit of it's own. Thanks for the giveaway!


My worst habit is my aversion to washing dishes. I let them pile up until there is more than a load for the dishwasher there and have no choice but to wash dishes. I am trying to tackle this flaw but it's a toughie. The futility always wears on me. The sink NEVER stays clean!


I was a chronic nail, cuticle, and fingertip skin biter. Ick - I guess all that nervous energy is now channeled into the incessantly moving knitting fingers.


I like to bite my cuticles. Nom nom nom.

Kim Tappa

I took up smoking for 2 weeks when I was in London by myself because I thought it would make me less conspicuous. Ha. Luckily I chose Marlboro Reds to start with which were SO harsh, I decided it was a stupid habit and dropped it. I think I did learn how to do that thing where you open your mouth and let the smoke out and then immediately inhale it into your nose because I thought it was funny.


Has to be nail biting....they're always there!

Diane Tripousis

I am a nail picker and peeler. Whenever there is a snag, I'm unable to leave it alone or use a file to remove it; I must peel the offending nail until it is smooth.


I crack my knuckles, the ones at the base of my hands. I've never tried to stop because they just don't feel right if they aren't loosened up!

Sherry Coleman

Smoked for about 19 years.. quit a couple times in there, but always started up again... This run at quitting has been more than 6 years, so hopefully smoking is something I'll never do again. I'm very proud of everyone who quits. It's a hard thing to do.


As a kid I loved certs breath mints (with that drop of retsin!). We took a car trip from NC to Calif, and I cajoled a roll of Certs at every Howard Johnson's. Coincidentally, I got a painful rash on my elbows and bottom. No one could figure it out... until the end of the trip when my mother decided to cut out the Certs.

I was rash free, but missed my treat terribly, so one day, several weeks after we got back home, I found a half-roll of Certs and took it to my mother. I pleaded to have permission to eat them. My sensible mother said, "OK, we'll have an experiment. Eat the Certs and if the rash comes back, we know that's what caused it."

I ate the Certs; I got the rash; and my craving miraculously disappeared. I still like peppermint lifesavers though!


I smoked in college. My boyfriend was in India for an indefinite period, and i was anxious in that special, 19 year old way. What if he's a myth? What if he leaves me for some gorgeous girl with a sari and a bindi? When he came home, he hated the smoking. He said he'd take up chew if I didn't quit. He tried, turned green, and violently threw up. I quit. That's love.


I used to bite & pick at my nails and pull my hangnails till the bled.

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