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May 15, 2011



I used to buy and read every women's magazine published. It took me years to realize how repetitive they are. I cancelled all of them and I'm happier not having stacks of magazines everywhere.


secret eating...a pint of Haagen Dazs for dinner!

Cindy Morgan

Biting my fingernails, which I did from 6th grade until college. One day my college boyfriend said, "quit biting your nails" and I did - that day.

Jean Ashley

The nearly unconscious twisting/braiding of my hair (which causes split ends, so I have a related habit of getting haircuts a lot). I wish it were an old habit, but I still do it--mostly when I am dying to be anywhere else than where I am--and of course my significant other hates it. In a way that's hard to explain, it keeps me from daydreaming myself right out the window.


I used to obsess & worry about stupid stuff. I guess I did it because my parents did it, but in my 40s I figured out that it was making me crazy to worry about stuff I couldn't control, and wasn't even important anyway. Just let it go. I don't miss that bad habit at all.

Betsy Longo

I did the same thing when I was 16 but it only left a burned spot in the backseat of my '76 Pinto! I was being very adventurous and driving "over the hill" to Los Angeles along PCH with the wind blowing through the open windows, and the cigarette ended up in the back. Ha, I had forgotten about that! Thanks for kindling the memory ;0)


I bit my nails until I had a crush on a boy and he said "you have such pretty hands, too bad you bite your nails". Never bit them again.


yah - pick a habit
- ha - i've had it i'm sure, well except for maybe the fingernail biting, picking thing - just the visual from everyone's descriptions grosses me out - but suffice to say i have smoked, drunk and picked everything else ;D

Sara Denbo

Glad I don't smoke anymore, but I substituted it with food (ie desserts). Bad habit, again.
Thanks for the great giveaway!
Sara in AL

Erin b

Nail biting... thoguh I later found out my nails are too frail to grow long and now chip.... can't always win!

Hester from Atlanta

I grew up in California. I did smoke sometimes until I was 21 or so.I agree, driving from LA to SF up Hwy 101 with the windows open, smoking and listening to the Beatles and the Stones when you are about 19 is one of life's more fab experiences.

But, alas, I keep burning holes in my clothes. I made a brand new mod-pop outfit, a long A line dress with a white color and white cuffs. The top layer was bright green and had multi-color stripes. It was light weight, thinnish. The bottom layer was heavier, but it had the same stripes. Best Twiggy like dress ever. sigh, but I burned two different holes in it. That's when I gave up smoking.

I do remember the French cigs that came with the beautiful colored papers and the gold rims. I agree, they tasted awful, but looked way cool.

Elsa Xenia

I need a new hat. It is a lovely pattern. It is a lovely yarn.


i used to bite my fingernails when i was younger. then i started wearing polish to discourage that. it worked. but now i pull at the skin around my nail. and bite a bit too. it's icky.


My bad habit: Nail biting/picking. Drives my husband crazy!


Smoking, bad men, and booze. Luckily I've given most of them up.

Denise Williams

My bad habit looks like everyone's - nail & cuticle biting. It's terribly embarrassing & gross but can't stop. I don't do it if I get gel nails but then I hate the maintenance! My little Sis used to wind her hair around her fingers constantly and had a big bald patch from it. Hehe still tease her about that.


Milk Chocolate...have stashes everywhere.

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