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May 15, 2011



oy, too many bad habits to even count. Smoking and biting finger nails are the two big ones that I gave up. Although, the finger nails one rears it's ugly head every so often.


Chocolate...in all shapes and forms.


I was a smoker, twice. I've quit twice now too. After over a year I guess I don't smoke any more. But even though it would make me feel lousy sometimes I do miss it.


I pick my face...like, all the freaking time. Random hair? Picked. Zit? Picked. It makes my husband insaaaaaane.


Nacho cheese doritos and Coors Light. Friends and I would go on road trips, and those are the "groceries" we'd bring with us. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Smoking, for me. Bad, bad, bad.


no worries. My mom spent half her life in front of the medicine cabinet mirror, picking her pores.


Oh man, I used to bite my nails down to the skin, and then pull little threads of nail all the way down to the cuticle. What a painful, ugly mess. One day something clicked and I stopped chewing my fingernails all together, though if I get a snag, it's hard mental work to not pick up that habit right where it left off.

Diane Tetreault

Chocolate, ice cream, stockpiling yarn, warehousing quilting fabric....the list goes on and on.....


Oh, there are quite a few habits, and not many of them old, but I guess I don't bite my fingernails anymore, not that they look any better now then back then...

Princess Di

I also smoked in my twenties. If I did it now, you would most likely be scrapping me up off the floor.

Diane Tetreault

Lacking moderation... and I forgot to put my info on the previous comment.. ugh!
Many thanks!


I smoked in my 20s but only when I went out drinking with my girlfriends. For some reason, one too many Stockholm Royales would send me over to the dark side, begging a cig off the nearest person. Then we all got married and stopped going out for drinks. So the smoking stopped too.

Victoria Stefani

I started smoking as a senior in high school; my boyfriend smoked Salems and I didn't like the taste when we kissed, so...yeah, not the greatest logic. A few years later my mom quit smoking and to get me to do the same, pointed out how much I could spend on clothes if I wasn't spending it on cigarettes! I've had a few lapses, usually at parties with friends who were also sneaking one in like guilty school-children, but it's been more than 10 years now since I even did that!


I also used to smoke, but now my worst habit is picking at my fingers and nails. Not chewing, but picking with my hands.


I, too, smoked in my 20's when I was an airline "stewardess". We could not smoke in uniform, so we either went up in the cockpit to smoke or snuck into a bathroom in the airport to smoke. Thankfully I gave up the habit when I was pregnant!


I don't know if this is a bad habit, but I apologize for everything. My feminist self cringes every time, too.


I used to bite my nails. No matter what my mom did to try to get me to stop, it didn't work. I think I just outgrew it.


Chocolate. Specially truffles. Can't resist.


FInger biting. I started when I was about five and am now forty. I hate biting my fingers but I haven't found a way to make myself stop for good.


I'm yet another nail-biter. I've had hobbies or jobs for years where my nails have had to be very short, and somehow clippers leave them weirdly sharp. Plus when I get stressed I chew on them.

Cheryl M

Picking at my finger nails, I don't bite them I just pick until they peel or break... need to wear more nail polish, discourages my bad habit!


Ahhhh, an old habit...which to pick. Definitely, the random cigarette which ended in my 20s when it became too much work but how I miss a good book and a cigarette.


With all of the people who smoked around me growing up, it's a miracle I never picked up the habit. My bad habit (that I try ohsohard to stop) is picking at the skin around my fingernails. Until I bleed. There are places I have not fingerprint left. Spouse says I even do it in my sleep. Awful habit.

Katrina West

Funny, what you wrote sounds a lot like me in my teens. I also smoked for a brief time, until I knew I was getting addicted, and decided I would nip it in the bud before it became a lifelong habit.

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