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May 20, 2011


erin kate

What a shame that they aren't finished! The colors are so pretty. Knee high socks are beautiful though.


I totally hear you on the stash weighing you down! I'm about to unload some beloved, but totally ignored stash myself. Maybe I'll replace it with some of yours...

Katrina West

I'm not sure if what you have on tv while you're knitting are live shows or dvds, but I like Grey's Anatomy when I'm knitting.


Dear lord, 90210? You need something new. Glee is good. I knit while watching that, or Dexter. It's so gruesome I don't really need to watch it at all. Love the knee sock.

Baby by the Sea

I love this post. Maybe a favorite. So straight, to the point. So "you." It's like eavesdropping on your brain's monologue. Yup. I'm right there with you. I looooove 90210, Gossip Girl. Why? Mindless, mind-numbing end-of-day unraveling I suppose. I just finished a pair of socks I started for my babe ten months ago. 10 months!! Luckily, I knit them big, so they fit great today. Funny what projects get sidelined as I sit on the edge of my couch, knitting needles dropped, crying over some super-cheesy Grey's Anatomy episode.


So are we going to see this second sock? ;-) Hope you've watched the Friends and Desperate Housewives episodes ;-) Have a great weekend!


House Hunter's and HH International - perfect for some mindless knitting!

donna lee

You could branch out into audio books. It makes me feel like someone else is in the room with me as they read. I love them. And I get far more knitting done when I don't have to look at the screen.

Elle in NorCal

As a designer/artist/creative person you need to FILL YOUR CREATIVE TANK!! Watch a movie set in Edwardian England with great costumes. Watch anything with great costumes (Amadeus? Alice in Wonderland? Robin Hood?) to inspire you and give you ideas. I always look forward to your designs.

PS- I need a top-down pullover for my husband. Any guy-stuff coming up?

Kathy S

Don't think of it as a destash. Think of it as freeing some yarn into the world to meet its destiny.

Robin F.

OK so where do we acquire this yarn in need of a home? It's not like I need it.


Vampire Diaries! Get it on Netflix...awesome if you like the whole vampire thing...


Instead of The View, check out The Talk with Sharon Osbourne .


Seconded the books on tape! That much daytime television would make anyone go insane!
Or, schedule two hours of knitting a day at your local coffee shop, or on your back porch!


Definitely Audiobooks.

Connie G.

Isn't it funny how our mind drifts down these little rabbit holes when we can't sleep. I used to blame it on work, but I still do it after being retired (EARLY retirement, that is) for nearly two years now.

As for the solitary knitting, yeah daytime TV sucks as does most of nighttime TV. As others have said, the audio books are supposed to be wonderful, though I haven't tried them. I like listening to NPR until they get some operatic soprano singing.....


Wendy, that is so crazy. I totally take imaginary strolls through the mall when I'm trying to fall asleep. And I know we're both imagining the Thousand Oaks mall! I mostly take strolls through the T.O. mall from the '80s, Morrows Nut House, 5-7-9, Contempo Casuals, the old Taco Bell and UA Theater. You know.


That sounds like the perfect day! Including watching "Hoarders." I love that show. Can't figure out why, because it's totally disgusting and sad, but I can't take my eyes off of it!


And don't forget Orange Julius! (My mom used to work at that Taco Bell...embarrassing!)

Katie S

DVDs are the way to go! Most libraries have DVDs available for checkout nowadays, and I have been watching a ton of BBC/Masterpiece stuff. Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and Little Dorrit are all great. I have also been checking out tv shows that I haven't seen in a long time, like Freaks and Geeks. It is really nice to have a marathon of a series.


books on tape or such will never work while knitting. the point is to lift your eyes once in awhile to the screen, otherwise just knitting will put you right into sleep. Tv is good for something!!


sigh.... my beloved All My Children has been canceled. I am a child of soaps. It was a mother daughter connection for me. You want to talk melancholy... last week the city sewer backed into my basement, ruining tons of my memories and artwork. my first thought to make myself feel better and to make some sense out of the whole mess...visit my lys and drink, lots. Sorry about OLTL. Maybe someone will punch Clint Buchanan in the face so hard, he's nice again!


I hope to chase away your lonelies by saying, "I hear you". And keep watching the neighbors, we love the neighbor stories.

Seanna Lea

If you are looking to have the socks finished (which may not be the helpful thing I can do), I will happily finish them for you. I love knitting (well, duh) and can read knitting well enough to follow what you've done in a previous sock.

I should not buy more yarn. I'm close to bursting my closet with it now.

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