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April 01, 2011



I could probably break a spinning wheel just by looking at it, so I hope you don't feel to crappy about it. I've tried spinning with a drop spindle and that went so badly people felt sorry for me. A wheel is pretty much out of the question.


Hmmm...spinning....nope. Even though I am not from the colonial period, I prefer already spun yarn, albeit not the sort found at Wal-mart.


Spinning with a wheel is OH so much easier than a drop spindle. I almost wrote "drip spindle" above, because I really am terrible at it. But then I got in front of a wheel and Wheeee. Now that is fun!!

Judi A

I couldn't help it - a burst of laughter came out of me when you said you broke the spinning wheel!! That would be me - I waited so (im)patiently as a young girl to be old enough to use my mother's sewing machine and when she finally told me the day had come, I promptly tangled the bobbin thread so badly that a repairman had to be called to come and fix it. Future contact with the machine was delayed for quite awhile! I'd hate to see what I could do to a spinning wheel! I do love the result of the spinning, and like others, I'll just enjoy the fruits of others' labors. Good luck! :-)


You should have told that kid that some days he has to go to the dentist, and some days the sheep have to be shorn. We all have bad days once in a while, but we get over it. Sheep in about five minutes, probably.


http://jacobsreward.blogspot.com/ this place is really close to my house. I've never tried spinning, they've tried to get me to try but I figure I'll mess something up. I'd probably break character too.


I just got my new spinning wheel (my very first spinning wheel)! Have fun with it!!


Just so you know, you can get all sorts of spinning wheels to fit all types of decor. Just sayin... ;)


Somer, how many extras do you have to buy? What are the basics?


jomamma, thank you very much for the jacobsreward.com (and the blog site) link. It is fascinating to read and look at!


Spinning is just as much of a time-and-resource suck as knitting. Seriously. I thought I would just try it - and now I have about a dozen spindles and 2 wheels. In 1 year. I don't like the look of the traditional wheels, so both of my wheels are more modern in esthetic. You can find a wheel to fit any kind of decor, really.

Have fun with the new obsession!!


What's wrong with wool? Much better than veal!!!


Be careful - it's true that spinning can become yet another hole in the floor that you pour money into, but don't forget that in the end, you get yarn. Unique and personal. Wait! Is that redundant? Anyway, in the end you get to knit or crochet it up and that's a wonderful and pleasing thing. Unless you break it, of course.


My husband has banned spinning. Given that we live in a small apartment in NYC (which for the rest of y'all is probably equivalent to a small closet), I guess I can kind of see his point.

He says when we leave the city I might be able to get a spinning wheel. And a dog.


Hi Wendy, Frances here , just wanted you to know that the wheel was up and running in minutes thanks to Gary,the leather worker. You were a delight to spend the day with and I loved showing today's school kids the baby sock you made in two hours!


Oh Lord, Wendy,.....I have avoided this spinning thing for so long...I secretly believe that I will love it, and then what? Fit it into my home where it doesn't match? Spend tons of money on another hobby I love, but still have to store more fiber?? Soooo, now you've got me thinking about it again....nice. :)

BTW, what colonial attire were you sporting?


Frances! I'm so happy Gary was able to fix your spinning wheel! I'm so happy you found me here!


Congratulations on learning to spin!


I do medieval recreation, but modern spinning (The modern wheel is very much out of my period). There's a lot of modern wheels that can match your decor, like Louet or the Matchless. Get a wheel with at least four bobbins, and a lazy kate. That way you can at least do a three-ply yarn. (One bobbin per ply, and one to ply upon)


It's torture to hold down a sheep to shear it? Guess most mothers are guilty of torture! I've had to hold Ella down to get her ears looked at, to have needles, etc.

Some people just don't teach their kids sense or manners.

BTW you look good in colonial garb.



Paula, that isn't me in the pictures...


I "know" I want to learn to spin. There is no interest in the drop spindle for me. What really keeps me from jumping in with both feet is the learning curve. I tend to like everything nice and neat and balanced. The uneven yarn everyone gets at first would push me over the edge. Yes, I do have a slight perfectionist problem. Add to that the fact I only have so much time and money for my vices, I guess I will just watch from here.


Wendy, through this whole post all I could think is "where is Wendy's picture in Colonial garb?!" Please tell me there is at least one going to pop up in the future.


I added a picture of me at the bottom of the post...


There are some pretty modern-looking spinning wheels, like the Ashford Joy. http://www.paradisefibers.net/Ashford-Joy-Spinning-Wheel-p/2368.htm It's very compact and even folds and comes with a carrying bag for storage and transport. I have one and love it.

Spinning is really, really fun! It's really cool to see how yarn happens from start to finish and oh, all the yummy, soft spinning fiber!

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