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April 11, 2011



Please do tell about that hat-it's lovely! I just had a while conversation about making friends online with an online friend just yesterday. Its bizarre how natural it feels when you finally see them in the flesh. It almost feels like you're cheating the system a little bit...


Just talked to Olga...Read the update about the hat.


I know what you mean about seeing what they're like "in real person". I got to meet one of the bloggers I talk to a lot and it was nerve-wracking but we had the best time!! Love that you both got to hang out together - talk about a knitting creative force together!


Thanks! AT the first photo I wanted to know about that hat!! Love it. :)


Awww, lucky! We in DC miss Olga's smiling face. Hugs to her!

Chantal Boucher

I'm glad for you, because i already got a bad experience about meeting a person i use to write a lot by mail, we were like "friend" and when i met her... gosh... she was so snob, talking about herself all the time... what a deception!! But Olga looks so sweet! I'm not surprised that she is just like that: sweet!
Wendy, you didn't put the right blog on your post. I follow her too. http://olgajazzzy.blogspot.com/

Jenn Furber

How cool you've connected!


I posted a link to her book...But thanks for the blog address.


Beautiful picture of you there Wendy! Glad the day was fab!

Torque Wrench

that was an accomplishment of being an online friends although majority of meeting online pals are disappointed most turned out to be the opposite of what they are, that was really great for both of you..

Seanna Lea

I love Olga's designs, but I am never sure about whether that visual minimalism works with my not quite so minimalistic body. I always feel like even cute knits look dowdy on me.

I don't like having my photos on Facebook, so most of my photos are either on my blog (for better or worse) or are on my Etsy store. No one needs to know what I look like after a 6 mile run.


I had to laugh out loud at the last part of your posting because from the moment I clicked on your blog and saw the hat, I wanted to know who, what, where and how? So funny how we think that way.

By the way, I just love your blog - keep up the great work!


That's so funny...the whole time I was reading I was like...wow...great hat! I wonder if I can find a similar pattern.

Kristen S.

Wow, I find it very cool that two of my favorite designers were hanging out! I'm almost finished with the body of a Somewhat Cowl in Silky Wool, and wore Olga's Miura cowl every single day this winter, so I might be a cowl groupie of some sort.


I'm happy for you!

I look like Ernest Borgnine in photos, but not so much in real life ... I think. In real life I look more like Mr Ed, but in a good way, an approachable way.


It's interesting that you speak of the internet as your way of communicaton.... While it is a form for me too, I have many friendships that have started with my job. I'm on the phone a lot, I speak with many people and have been doing so for aprox. 30 yrs. Therefore, it floors me when I meet a voice! Talk about strange, the voice never looks like the person! I think you know what I mean....


It looks like you had such a nice day! That's really neat.
Also, you know us so well. I had to download the pattern and get some Silk Road last night for the Wurm.


Well now the hat is out of the way, what about those cute glasses?


So glad OlgaJazzy's ok!!! Not to get hysterical or anything, but, what an awful ordeal. At least we get to have her in California. So nice to see the two of you together. And, yeah, awesome hat. Thanks for telling us pattern and yarn.


I understand totally, what you mean about meeting people. I used to do that alot years ago. But you couldn't catch me doing that now. I would have to know a person online for a long, long time.

And thank you so much for the information on the hat. I have been wanting to make a slouchy hat for a while now. I kind of got side tracked with this project I am currently working on...but I will get to a slouchy hat eventually.


love these photos of the two of you in your stylish trench coats and manicured nails knitting!


well that scark you're wearing is to DIE for, and be honest - did you do your own hair, or did you recently go to salon? if you did that yourself I am officially jealous


scarf, not scark


Did my own hair. It goes through phases of craptastic and fabulous and there is no phase in between. Oh well.

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I know what you mean about seeing what they're like "in actual person". I got to satisfy one of the blog owners I discuss to a lot and it was nerve-wracking but we had the best time!! Really like that you both got to dangle out together - discuss a stamp collecting innovative power together!

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