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April 25, 2011


Linda Cannon

So does she like the sewing machine? Come on you cannot leave us hanging.


I really like the look of the new beret. If I knit it on size 13 needles in orange self-striping fingering yarn held double, change the seed stitch to garter and finish it off with a picot edge, I think I will have nailed it! LOL


This post made me laugh out loud. Great-great-grandmom's stash. Size two needles. Priceless. I need a laugh on Mondays. THANKS!!


The size two needles and color story is great. Unfortunately, I can imagine the all sorts of "demanding" one might encounter on a pattern. Sad. Designers are so generous with their time and ideas. Thank you for your contributions.
The new hat looks awesome! But if I knit it in purple will it look the same?? ;)


Every time I think it would be neat to be a knitwear designer or to own a yarn shop I remember this sort of thing and immediately nix the idea. My customer service would be the "suck it up and figure it out yourself" variety.

Lovely hat. I may have to make one for me.


No. It will be purple. How could it look the same?


I don't think I have ever emailed you about Le Slouch although I have knitted two! The first was lost on the Rome metro, a tragedy indeed as it was quite cold and I needed it! When I got back I had just enough yarn to knit another, but I thought I'd be clever and do a tubular cast-on. It was too stretchy and the hat never fit me properly. I think I made it a bit shorter too as I was worried about running out of yarn, thus cutting down on the "slouch" element. I hardly ever wore it!

Oh well, I got some good wear out of the first one before I lost it.


I made a LeSlouch with some Brooks Farm Solana (yummy!) with who remembers what size needles. I blocked it on a dinner plate and if it's got a pointy bit, I've never noticed it. But since I'm moving to the Great White North this week, I will need at least one more, so I'll start one as soon as you post it.

Thanks Wendy!


Wow, people are great. I knit Le Slouch. I made it with yarn and needles. It fits me, but my daughter (9) loves it and has appropriated it. Since that possibility was not mentioned in the pattern, I think I want my money back. Oh yeah. :)

I saw your tweets about the machine - glad she loves it. My little one can blow a surprise in a minute too, which keeps me in a perpetual state of surprise.


I have knitted three of your patterns. Never in a million years, would I think of emailing you stupid questions. If I can't read the pattern and understand it, I have no business knitting!

How do you keep your sense of humor?


Oh goodness! lol. I embarked on the path of knitware design about a year ago, and so far I've been lucky enough to avoid these types of emails. I'll be crossing my fingers for you after you get the revision up. It looks fantastic, by the way! I may have to work up a version with some ancient yarn and size 2 needles ;)

Seanna Lea

I cannot imagine asking questions like that of a designer. It is one thing if you have worked through something and then asked a similarly crafty friend to double check you and after all that you think there is a mistake. However, asking the pattern to be rewritten for your specific gauge? I don't think so!


Love your post, have run into this same type of scenario myself...;(.. You look great btw!



I like your hat, it's very cute. But I'd prefer it as a sweater. Can you re-write the pattern for me so that I can wear it on my torso instead of my head? Thanks in advance.

(The post made me laugh out loud because I can totally relate.)


thanks for the laugh. I look foward to knitting the revised pattern.


Ooh, I have the Le Slouch pattern. I love bacon and I have found a great meatloaf with bacon and cheese recipe!! Food and knitting!! Fabulous!!


Wow, people are just unreasonable. I knitted TWO Le Slouches with the old pattern years ago, one for me, one for my mom. I still wear mine every winter! The new version is beautiful.

As an aspiring designer with several free patterns on my blog, I am totally, totally bleeping terrified!


Your answers were very polite! I heard that some people can be very demanding when you start answering knitting questions. Wait a minute... these questions were mine! Just kidding ;-))))


I love the new design. Do you really have to charge for the pattern? XOXO.


yes. I have to pay for editing and such and honestly...I need to make a living.


Love the new version of le slouch! I made two of the originals, one for me and one for my Mom. I love that pattern!!!


Wendy, I have recently taught an 8 and 7 year old to sew. Both found it quite easy and love love love it. I let them go at their own pace and they have both finished quilts! Not huge ones, but they will hanging very proudly in our quilt show this weekend here in London... The trick I think was to let them pick their own fabric at the quilt shop!!
Take care Fiona


Just have to share: I grew up with an old metal Kenmore of my mom's, which was useful if you want to re-upholster your car with elephant hide! I too, bought my own at age 21, for just $100 used. AND it had a buttonholer and monogrammer! I still use it, even tho I got a quilter machine a few years ago. Never know when you might need to sew elephants together! ha!


I just know she will be a great seamstress. Any smart girl who asks with wide eyes, "Is this for me?" is born to use a sewing machine with gusto! Now, about my Something Red, if I knit it in green will it still be the same? ;>)


I can just imagine the questions you must get???? Sounds like this was her first ever knit project.. Really enjoyed..

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