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March 20, 2011



OMG, do I hate "squee". I have read that on several blogs lately and I had the same thoughts. Really? I mean do you really think someone actually says that or they just write it because they thinks it's cute. The first time I read it I thought maybe they had just misspelled squeal. Glad you don't squee, might lose my lunch.

Definitely a brutal trashmover out there today. Glad we're at the top of the hill.


I feel EXACTLY the same way about squee.


However, I do adore the term asshat.

Also, my daughter (who is 5) knows she's not supposed to say swear words, so she replaces everything with "heck" and corrects adults with it. So "Clusterheck" has become part of our vocabulary.



All it takes for a word to get the veto in my house if for my 4-year old to start tossing it around, lol. Nothing makes a word sound more like a four-letter-word than hearing it in the voice of a preschooler. Even if it's a totally safe word like 'crap' or 'darn-it' lol. Right now, the phrase "and what-not" is in heavy rotation, as in: "I went to the gas station for gas, and batteries, and what-not..." Off the list: 'literally' and 'epic', thanks to my 13-year old who uses literally incorrectly about 30 times a day :)

Pamela  Morrell

I'm with you on most of those, but can accept 'whilst' and 'wee' if I know that the person is from "across the pond." Don't like, "lurve, LUUURRVE".

Here's one I really can't stand, "Hella." For several months I heard my teen aged niece say it and finally corrected her, "It's helluva!" Then I took a linguistics course and found out that it's part of the No. CA dialect. "Wendy's hella funny." I guess I can't relate because I'm from LA.

Meg McG

Hate squee, hate when people put action into text ::hides from assault:: even writing that made me gag. Phlegm, the sound and look of that word makes me heave along with loogie. And panties. Hate that one too. don't really like the word soup either. People always emphasize it awkwardly to my ears. oh. Artisinal. You identify yourself as a pretentious jerk when you refer to cheese as artisinal.

To counteract the sickness I just induced on myself I love the words sand, robin, bubble, cheek, creek, musty, twinkle, fuzzy, clean, spark, linen, squish, dry, crackle, orange, perforate, breeze, lemon, pink, bladow and chew.

This is definitely one of the weirdest blog comments I have ever wrote!! Thanks :)

Candace Dallas

I once met a really cool guy from England who said "whilst". His name was Clive. Go figure. It fit.

However, what I could not tolerate was the software we administered (Clive was a programmer), popping up an error window that began with, "Whilst saving....."! Drove me nuts.


I loathe "squee". Loathe it. And I just finished an otherwise excellent book, a biography of George Washington by Ron Chernow, where the author repeatedly said Washington "intuited" that something or other was going to happen. — Intuited? Huh?


ARGH! Intuited? Really? Thanks for that one, Carla. I will add it to the list. Meanwhile, I'm loving that Meg has also added to the good words. I like "crackle," too. I also like "soft" and "nose," not necessarily apart or together, either. Just like them. I am looking at Chuck and thinking that they are good words.


Crap. I just realized that HWWV says "whilst."


I love the words synagogue (I like the way it looks, how the letters are arranged, and that it contains every vowel except "i") and Syracuse (like the place, which I've never been to).

I don't like the word panties either. I find nom and squee too cutesy.

I don't get why every woman I know hates the word moist.


OMG.....(don't you hate that?)..... I do love "whilst". But only in writing. Not in actual saying. Sorry HWWV. And, btw (don't hate that one, it is a time-saver....) let me just say....third book???? OMG. Squee. I mean, er, you must be crazy busy.


If "wee" is said in a Scottish accent, by a tall handsome man in a kilt, I melt. I'm a puddle, totally useless. He could even say "whilst" and "squee" and "nucular" and "relator" and "irregardless" and I wouldn't care.

I can't stand when someone uses "concerning" incorrectly - as in "That is very concerning to me." NoNoNo. "I am very concerned about that." Yes.

Less vs fewer. I went to a talk yesterday about minimalism, and he kept talking about having less things. Ack! Even if he said it in a Scottish accent, it still wouldn't be ok. Well, ok, may it would. Told ya, I'm completely defenseless when it comes to Scottish accents.


but seriously folks, isn't a wee a penis?


and the word "moist" doesn't bother me in the least.


I always think 'wee' is something you do with a penis. ;)

I say 'crimeny' a lot, mostly, like CRIMENY!

I like puddle, switch, snort, pause and wallop.

I very tired of "like" and "you know" - you can thank my teenage sons for that; it makes me want to take a switch to 'em! :)

I don't mind "moist" - it actually makes me chuckle.

I also think "squee" is the work of the devil.


I should have previewed . . .

It's "I'm" very tired of "like" and "you know" . . .


"but seriously folks, isn't a wee a penis?"

Depends where you're from, in the UK/Australia/New Zealand, etc. you go for a wee (as in your pee) or describe something as being wee (small). We have lots of names for a penis but a wee isn't one of them!

Can I just add my intense dislike of the word panties too. It sounds so pervy! Thankfully I live in the UK so I don't have to hear it too often.


I thought this was a blog about knitting........... hasn't been for quite awhile.


Wow, Trixie seems upset. Anyway, you hit one of my favorites in your neutral category... Badass.
Not sure why the fascination, but I love it.

Being from a suburb of Philly, the "word" yous makes me grit my teeth. I CAN NOT stand when I hear someone say "Yous guys" or "what are yous doing?" I want to scream "Did you sleep through grammar?!"


My son HATES "google it" he is 24 and very well read. He will tell me that google is a search engine not a verb, so I use it all the time to annoy him. Then I ROFLMAO!!

Seanna Lea

I'm with Debi's son. No Google it. My husband used it on me the first time when we were watching bloopers for something and a group of people said Milf. I had no clue and I did not need the clue that Google provided!


OMG I HATE "nom nom"...it's so...cheesy. "Conversate" makes me want to slap someone with a dictionary. And I've used "squee" in jest. I HATE "squee". It's right up there with "nom nom".


I cringe at "used-to-could." I heard it all the time when I was in college in the South.
Oh and my maiden name is Picklesimer! Love the pickles.


Panties. Honestly, if you're over four years old, you shouldn't be saying "panties." But just about the worst..."ain't." Grates on my nerves something fierce!

Meg McG

I believe this is the "tonic" section of the blog.

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