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March 12, 2011



Ok... so it is a caplet for the sock monkeys!


Sounds so easy, doesn't it? ;-)


lol, at first I thought you were using a shawl as a cover for a super-secret ninja sock monkey project that we were getting a sneak peak at :)


Could you run a pretty ribbon through the top to cinch it in so it fits? I've seen several with ribbons and they look cute


"I was knitting away like a banshee "

So you were knitting and shrieking at the same time? :)


Yeah, probably knitting and shrieking. I have a heck of a shoulder injury right now (from knitting)


Could you make some tucks in the existing neckline, picking up stitches (including the tucks)and knit a few rows to make the neckline a bit smaller that way? I like the ribbon idea too. I guess it depends on how much too large the neck is. :) Pretty colour though! And wonderful monkey slippers. :)


I can't really do tucks or ribbon because I did short rows at the top for a fold-over shawl-type collar. Oh well. Will try it again!


Banshee knitting is usually always brought on by shoulder pain. You're knitting for your 3rd book and I'm knitting from your first, like a banshee!


thanks for your post, I really needed that tonight :)


I'm knitting a pair of toe up socks that I think I should have tried on before doing the heel. Oh well, my mom will be happy. I think you've convinced me to dig out my journal too.

diane egelston

Creative phrases deserve journal enshrinement.

Capelet color beautiful. What stitches? Can't wait to see. Really, I can -- don't want you to hurt yourself hurrying.

Love Mumford & Sons. Can't stop listening. Makes me feel like I'm sitting in an Irish pub.


Third book! When are you releasing the second?


Second one will be out in a few months!

Seanna Lea

Yeah sock monkey slippers! Boo not trying on as you go along.

Dani in NC

I know exactly what you mean! Being on Twitter has dissipated my blogging fervor, yet there are things that I don't feel I can say even on there. I've got to get them out of me somehow, though!


Write in your iPhone! I know it's not the same as carrying around journals. I used to do that always, too. But now I've got kids and it's so much easier to keep a note on my iPhone. I have a running note of funny things my kids say and do. And when you sync with your computer you can sync your notes, so you have them there autatically ...
Just a thought! :)


I like to use the notepad on the iphone to write down my random quirky thoughts. or I use the voice record to say those things I think in traffic when I can't type on my phone... or grocery lists. :)


Where did you get those sock monkey slippers? They're adorable!


Love those slippers!


it can be a skirt for me ;D

Connie G.

Love it! Made me laugh out loud. Oh, and I love the slippers and the PJ bottoms.


I see you give the same pre-planning to your blog pictures that I do. Nothing like care bear pajama bottoms with a form fitting sweater. :)


It can always be a blanket for the sock monkey slippers...love the color, anyway.

Also, how does one raise one's arm while wearing a capelet? This question has prevented me from knitting just that sort of project.


As long as it isn't too long, you can lift your arms. The thing stretches (but in my case, it was too big to begin with)

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