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March 02, 2011



Oh, good, something else to look forward to about aging. I'm 35 and today I was coveting all my dad's senior discounts. He said, "Don't hurry it!" He's right, but man... all those great discounts!


:) i love your perspective on aging! i recently stopped dying my hair because i am in love with my ever-increasing grey hairs. i call it my hair tinsel since it sparkles (i have dark hair)... like a party in my hair!!


You are too funny! I just went through your "FO's the losers" and had such a good laugh! Thanks!


What do you mean 'secreting stuff'? I love sheepkins' "tinsel" idea. I recently read an article about someone who went a whole month and more without washing their hair. It seems gross but they said about a month into it their hair looked great and they got tons of complements. As I read this I had the overwhelming urge to scratch my head and wash my hands.


Too funny! I was just thinking this morning how nice my complexion looks... without glasses. I decided to be grateful that I could have those moments of feeling good. :)

Seanna Lea

That actually makes a lot of sense, because when we wash our hair the shampoos strip out oils along with the dirt. The body then spends a lot of effort putting it all back in.

I wash every other day (except some weekends), because it keeps my hair color longer. Red fades pretty fast, so the longer I can make it last the better.


Everything you knit for your daughter seems to be made with such love.


I think it is because I do truly love her more than anyone or anything I could ever love. She is my sweetheart.


"Secreting stuff" made me snort aloud.

dawn s

Your hair and skin do get dryer, read less oily, with age. But I get the joke. I remember an old Married With Children episode when Al got a pair of glasses. He saw what his house, his wife and kids, and finally himself really looked like and promptly smashed the glasses.

Lucy Chen

Oh, I guess blonde hair is easier to manage? I wash my hair everyday and blow dry.


When you're pushing 50, yes, blonde hair (and probably most colors) are easier to handle for longer periods of time...


once your hair is all gray and not "secreting stuff" much any more it looks fabulous for about four or even five days. haven't tried not shampooing for a month yet but it sounds promising. what this has to do with knitting is a mystery to me tho


this is the funniest thing i've read since yarn harlot described her working-class breasts. i'm 52 and every word made me laugh and blush at the same time. secreting stuff. cackling old ladies. the chin hairs you can't see. oh yeah.


You are so irreverently funny.


So glad I am not the only one having all the fun of pushing 50!!!


I had to have cataract surgery so I could drive after dark.

Then I had to have electrolysis.

Another Joan

The kids in the gym this morning have all that aging stuff I'm in the midst of to look forward to - Aging - it's an ongoing adventure!! Thanks!

elizabeth morrison

The thing about the chin hairs: one day, you take a good careful look at your face in bright light, no stray hairs. Two days later, you do the same thing, and BOOM, out of nowhere, there it is: half an inch long and thick and dark. Mysterious.

My hair definitely doesn't get as oily as it did 30 years ago. But, by day 3, it's losing the curl until I wash it again.


Sometimes, I actually forget the last time I washed my hair. It is never oily anymore. And, by the way, I just bought a book called Younger Next Year.


Sydney, that is one of the funniest comments I have EVER read on my blog in years!


I consider washing my hair less often to be one of the few benefits of getting older. I'm glad to know someone else is doing it too. I have been afraid to ask anyone because maybe they would tell me to put on my glasses, wash my hair and pluck my chin!


I find the chin hairs become immediately visible if I'm looking in a mirror that is not in my house, and not located above a drawer containing tweezers.


I don't think it's good to wash hair every day or even every other day, oil is good for hair. In India women oil their hair all the time, it's supposed to make it healthy. And maybe hair gets drier as we get older. That said, my old lady beard is getting fierce.

Helen in Switzerland

Oh you do make me laugh - and I so wish I felt like that about my hair, which does not feel like it's my crowning glory! I'm fighting grey hairs myself - with a good amount of hair dye - maybe one day I'll be brave enough to let nature win and see the new me. I'm kind of hoping the grey will be thick and strong with a nice curl to it....ok, in my dreams....

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