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February 22, 2011



Girlfriend is getting SO GROWN UP!! And looking more and more like her beautiful Mom!


I agree with Lisa: seeing your daughter's growth is heartwarming! While the yarn cards are delightful, as for the unexpected ripping of laborious lace work upon standing up: I'm sorry for the chagrin involved.

Michelle in Iowa

Oh Wendy! That picture of Girlfriend brought tears to MY eyes. She's growing-up so quickly and is so, so, so beautiful! I say, "To hell with the lace knitting/knitted lace," you should take GF out for ice cream and just ENJOY!


Your daughter is soooo beautiful. The post was great, but the photo...worth a million smiles. You and HWWV must be so proud. :)


That box of yarn almost made me cry, too.


Wait... didn't you *design* something in lace?


Girlfriend is lovely. What a gorgeous girl.


Not only do I not like knitting lace, most of it does not look particularly good on me, although I'm looking forward to knitting your Jordan. That's lace,isn't it?... Where did you order Girlfriend from? The House of Beautiful Child Heroines?

Seanna Lea

Wow. The Blue Sky box is gorgeous. It makes me think of the bobbins I use to hold my cross-stitch floss (not that I do nearly enough with that right now).


Wow. Just, wow. Now this may be a silly question, but did the Spud & Chloe color card come with the yarn on the pencils or was that just a clever display (it's totally cute, lol). And Girlfriend is turning into a brunette, beautifully tanned version of her momma :)

Kathy in Napa

Wow. Girlfriend is stunning. It's so cool to see her grow up. Wow. And the yarn. Geez I can see why you were swooning. Can't wait to see it finished.


The yarn came already assembled and wound around the pencils...


What a beautiful young lady. Oh, good knitting, too.


I don't want to sound like everyone else, but your daughter is beautiful - and I can't wait to see the new version of the swing coat.

And thanks for the yarn pictures...I'm going to try to trick my sister into taking me to the yarn store this weekend, and this might get her in the yarn-store-driving mood :)


I feel for you with the lace project, but OMG your daughter is gorgeous!!!! SO beautiful!!!


You are very funny my dear, and just gave a friend and I a good laugh as we prepare to drive through a major snow storm for a big knitting event.


I guess I shouldn't mention that lace knitting is my favorite thing?? Sorry it's been giving you so many troubles! And I have to add to the chorus... Girlfriend is gorgeous!

Thanks for the yarn cards. I DID know you could buy them, but I'm trying to destash this year, so I can only look!


That kid is gorgeous - looks just like her mom!

Cafffeine Girl

I have the same issues with lace! But I love it. Right now I'm just knitting through the problems, cheating with extra YOs and K2togs. We'll see how that works out!


I read your blog all the time, never comment. But, Girlfriend is looking so pretty and grown up had to say so. Love your blog, keep going!!!!!

Knitting one of your sweaters right now. Your patterns are so hip and perfect for "us" younger knitters.


been a fan for years - had to delurk to remark that girlfriend looks so much like you! I still hope for the day you reveal a pic of HWWV.... :)

Martha S

Just had to pop in here to tell you that Girlfriend is adorable and looks suspiciously like one of my nieces. . . and I seem to be having the same problem with "lace" as we speak (figuratively). It is frustrating!

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