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January 01, 2011



those look great, pooling (& dropped stitch) included! i haven't been bitten by the Woolmeise bug only because i can't get close enough to any. maybe this year, right?


Happy New Year! The mitts do look great with all that pooling.


Happy New Year, Wendy.

Thanks for getting us through 2010.


It's nice when pooling conforms to one's idea of a design feature. Yours look so "on purpose."

donna lee

We started our year quietly,too, and tomorrow will be a pajama day. The last vacation day before the real world creeps back in.

I'm not a fan of pooling yarns. I have torn socks apart and tried different needle sizes until I get results I like, or used the pooling yarn with a plain color in stripes to break up the pools. I like the colors of your woolmisery. I've never seen/felt it in real life and I'm ok with that. I can't see myself stalking the website to find a skein.


I've heard of Wollmeise (is it German, pronounced with a V?), but never seen any. Those mitts are gorgeous! That truly is beautiful yarn. I guess my vision's not that good, as I couldn't find your dropped stitch. ;-)

Thanks for the suggestion of how to turn that mitt (I have that pattern book) pattern into a fingerless. In retrospect, I should've been able to figure that out myself, but now I don't have to. ;-Þ

Happy new year to you. As blogs go, yours has been one of my highlight ones for a few years now.

Margo K of VA

Woolmeise that elusive yarn. My daughter is the only one I know with computer savy skills fast enough to gather some and share it with me. A treat.....after watching the sucess of Wollmeise additional companies seem to be working with the same yarn too. There is a financial investment there, but wonderful colors and merino is great feeling.


Throw in Pink in your mix too. And sometimes I have trouble identifying Cristina Aguilara out of that mix as well, except she is more of a soprano.

I loved working with Wollmeise. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to the wool wash she uses - it's scented, and I'm a special snowflake who can't deal with the scent. I want to make love to the colors though. Oh my.


Great looking mittens. I also like the pooling. Happy New year! Now I'm off to google "wollmisery".


After years of hearing about it, I finally got to see and touch some Wollmeise a month or so ago! If the opportunity ever came up, I'd probably snatch some, but it would have to fall in my lap since I'm not actively pursuing it. There's lots of other yummy stuff in my own "backyard".


I was lucky enough to score two skeins of Wollmeise last year, but I've been hoarding them until I can find something fabulous enough for them :)

Seanna Lea

I have two whole skeins of Wollmeise, but I haven't even tried to use them yet. I'm still trying to find the right project for them.

Judi A

I love the "design" of the colors of your knits, but am not sure that the anxiety and stress of trying to obtain some of this "wollmisery" would be worth it. So many other beautiful, desirable yarns out there!


Lovely fingerless mittens! Happy New Year. I've also noticed that some of the songs from Katy Perry's new album sound like Ke$ha. Odd.


not enough "pooling" to be effective. Maybe using a smaller needle would help

waterproof mp3

Your dog looks adorable :D. Have you ever knit a sweater for your dog?


Happy knitting and happy 2011!


Gorgeous mitts... Happy New Year to you!


NO ONE is looking THAT close (except you)! Does it pool because you are knitting back and forth right there?? Personally I LOVE pooling (yes, I am a freak) but I have found that altering a pattern from circular to back and forth (or vise versa) can help you get around it. While I am sure not everyone can easily do this, and since we KNOW how you feel about pooling, perhaps this will help??

Kim L-H

Happy New Year Wendy! I hope that 2011 is a wonderful year for you and yours! may we all be steeped in yarny goodness ; )


I love your blog and your sense of humor. Happy New Year to you and your family. Good luck with the WollMisery, and just say no to lip plumping. And, if you like Katy Perry & Lady GaGa, you gotta try Rhianna, too (but you probably already do).


I love those mitts! And I have okzident. In fact, it's already wound. I'm finding myself just using whatever is already wound when starting a project these days so this works out well. Thanks!


Lip plumping. A constant temptation.

So Very Domestic

Usually, I am not a fan of pooling, but there's a place for it - like these mittens.


I think everyone who follows Claudia of Wollmeise learns that she loves pooling, so owners of Wollmeise just learn to embrace it.

BTW, pretty polish color! Will you indulge me and say what brand & color, if you know? I wish I would take the time to do my nails nicely.

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