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January 16, 2011



My daughter has some Klutz book of paper fashions, with all kinds of fun papers and stencils to design outfits. After a few instances in which I actually got mad at her for not having an adult-developed sense of aesthetics (she was five at the time), I figured out that she was more than willing to share with me. She made her stuff (beautiful to her eyes), and I made mine. And not long after that, I got my own Klutz paper fashions, because I realized that i *love* the process.

My point: embrace the Mod Podge. Don't wait for another book report. :)


Thanks Christie, for your comment. I thank you, also, for spelling Mod Podge correctly. We were modge podging everything in sight and I didn't realize I haven't been spelling it correctly, so I fixed it. I guess I was too modge podgey to notice that it was Mod Podge.


I like the way modge podge sounds though. Now that I think about it, I think that is how I pronounce it. I really enjoy coming to visit here - a little knitting and a little laughter.


I like the part about you thinking about your mom at the beach. That made me smile. Thanks!

Have a good one, W, and enjoy the nice weather.


I get into these same situations with my daughter and her school projects. :) :) I love the bracelet you are wearing in the picture! Did you buy it or make it? Thanks! Kris

Judi A

Funny the things that bring our moms close to us. My mother died Christmas of 1989 and there are times I still intensely miss her and times I feel her so close to me. Loved that you felt your mom laugh. How special!

Mrs Lyons

Wow, I have the same issue with the whole being-touched-by-strangers thing at the salon. I can't stand it! When I start to get panicky I sweat. And sweat and sweat... now I only go for haircuts, and man, it's still traumatic! (lol)


The bracelets are Zulu Grass. You can buy strands of them. Just google it and you'll find them pretty easily.


There is something about being in the car for over 30 minutes that makes me really want to knit. I'm glad I'm not the only one and happy that you were able to pull a project together quickly enough.

Mod Podge makes me think of college and covering every plastic cup we owned with magazine clippings.


Had to Google mod podge - don't know how I missed it when my children were small - we had plain, old, dull report covers. I will have to tell my children with children about it - who knew?

Glad you heard your mom laugh - makes me feel less odd for having had a similar experience. Bittersweet. My memories are like bruises that I have to touch every now and then to make sure they are still there. Geez, don't you just miss her?!


I really wish I were able to be at the beach right now. It is sooo friggin' cold. I can't stand it!

Andrea in Argentina

Oh, I know! The only time I had a manicure at a salon I just wanted to scratch the poor girl's face (never again!)
Mom-and-daughter memories are the best... especially the ones we're making with our daughters now...


there you go tugging at the ole heartsrings again. great post as always

Seanna Lea

My mom never treated my brother differently in that fashion (aka, helping with school work), but I still get mad about the differences in our curfews. I had to be home by dark unless I had an after school activity even in HS, while my younger brother could be out till 11. I totally understand the irritation about gender bias.


I'm so glad to know there are others with strangers touching them issues, I thought it was just me. Had a massage once and never again, it was a girls weekend at a resort. Naked with towels covering private areas with a stranger touching me and when I get nervous I talk. I yapped the whole time to keep from screaming 'I'm naked and I really want to be dressed and not locked in here with you and all the touching, no offense.'


I love that feeling, when I know my dad is with me. I also try to retrieve and savor those moments. They are so sweet.

Betsy Gray

I hope Girlfriend's teacher isn't one of your blog readers, or the gig is up! ;)


Ha! That's funny. The teacher actually encouraged parents to help out since it was such a huge undertaking. I still say, though, that I gave her somewhat of an advantage. Think Ralphy on A Christmas Story when he brought in that huge basket of fruit for his teacher...

Lisa S

Wow, I remember the Red Barn - went to the one on Lake St. and about 33rd. That was way more years ago than I care to mention!


These photos make me want spring/summer so bad. At least 2.5 months of snow to go. boooo

Love it when that feeling of a pasted loved one comes over me. So peaceful.


80 degrees! We're getting a foot of snow in Maine today.

But I grew up in California going to the beach in the winter. Loved this post.


You're right Wendy it's beachy weather in California! Although, I'm in Northern Cali so it's only 60/70's...
This video might help the ladies intrested in the Zulu grass strands.


I don't hate pooling, but I don't love it much either.

I do love me some Mod Podge though!

Anxiety Knits

While in college I had a deep love affair with Mod Podge. But, things being as they are, I had to stand-up my close friend for my Forensic Biology degree. So sad...


I have been reading more and more about Mod Podge, and I am starting to get intriegued. One of these days I am going to try it... Although my husband doesn't want any more 'supplies' coming in until I sell or give handmade stuff from the 'supplies' that I already have. (Now that has been a struggle.)

Also, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your knitting picture from the car. When we are out in the car, I also don't waste a minute of knitting.

(Still trying to figure out how to bike ride and knit, but I don't think that it will ever happen or catch on.)

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