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December 27, 2010


It's a Secret For Obvious Reasons

I can't tell you how many times I felt for you lately. So many of your MotU issues rang completely true with the issues that I have with my MIL. Unfortunately she follows my twitter, so I couldn't express any support there.

Sometimes it seems like the real miracle of Christmas is making it through one without anyone being drowned in a bathtub.


May your days be filled with peace and harmony! And please continue to keep us entertained with the antics of the neighbors!


Aren't all holidays overrated? I'm really tired of them all, so I'm watching a show on Buddhism. We stay in for New Year's because that's the ultimate amateur night. Why go out and chance being run over by someone who's not a professional drinker and not only that but to only get a hurried lip lock from your hubby because he's uncomfortable smooching in public. I say stay home, start hooking up around 10:30 or 11 and then settle back and watch the ball drop.


We don't even bother with the ball. If we turn on the TV, it's DVD's and that is it. I tend to turn off TV/Radio DAYS before the end to avoid those stupid Top 100/10/20 most amazing events type shows. Ugh.

Kathy in Napa

Years ago, I lived with a guy who, when I broke up with him, spent nearly a week in the bathtub, fully clothed with a bag full of weed and his favorite bong.

Every time I make it through another "Holiday Season" I think of him. I get it now. :-)


Kathy in Napa: You win the prize for the best Holiday Season story.


Delurking to say that I hate New Year's Eve. I'll be busy sleeping through it, I think..


Agreed. So much pressure on just one day. That's why I laze around, and prescribe to the season. Looking forward to more knitty posts though.


The only holiday I like anymore is Thanksgiving and that's only for the turkey and the pie.

donna lee

New Year's Eve is my least favorite holiday. I don't like feeling forced to have/attend a party. We stay home or get together with friends and play board games and eat good food and often don't notice whent it's 12 o'clock.

Animals grieve. I'm sure of it. I've watched my cat's personality change completely after his brother died this past year. It's weird.


Animals DO grieve. And they have a very strong scent memory. Could be something still has Bunny's scent and Rocko is trying to find him?
Hang in there.


Animals do grieve a lot and have broken hearts. Our original 4 cats have declined to one in the past four years. Everytime one passed on the others would not eat, would look for them in every room and I had one who waited by the door everyday for months waiting for his buddy to come back. They pine and they are very sad.


Yes, The Bunny's cat box was in the laundry room...so, that is why he is hanging out there. We did clean it out thoroughly but he just keeps checking it.

Princess Di

WOW! And I thought I was the only one that despises New Year's Eve! Usually at a party with a bunch of people then at midnight some TOOL wants to kiss you. No thx. Bad Karma to start the year out like that. And if I hear one MORE sad sappy X mas song, I am seriously going to go over the edge. I get it now, why folks DO NOT like holidays. Never thought I'd be here BUT I am.


Agree with the New Year's Eve negativity. Many years ago, my husband and I used to try to do something and it never worked out. Somehow we always spent the night cuddled up watching movies. We finally agreed that's how we actually want to spend the night. Now with two children, we have totally embraced the relaxing New Year's Eve. Stay in, put your feet up and knit.


i am so sorry about bunny. she is in a more peacefull place and rocko is a sensitive soul. wishing peace and the L word to you and yours in the coming year and ps ditto on the december memories.love your blog your knitting your memories! thank you for all of them.


We had an old dog we called by whistling and calling her name. We brought home a kitten who she adopted and they were best buddies for several years till the dog died. We got another dog who the cat raised. We called him by clapping and calling his name.

Extended family was sitting around after dinner on Thanksgiving years later, talking about how we called our dogs, and demonstrating. We called the old dog, and the cat jumped up and raced around the room looking everywhere she used to lay, then under tables and in corners and finally climbed into the lap of the whistler and bit her cheek just hard enough to make his point.

He went over the house and yarn several times a day for the next week or so, looking in all her old spots, and then standing in the middle of the living room calling. Kinda heartbreaking.

After the cat died, the dog looked for him till we got another cat, and still did occasionally after that when someone mentioned the cat's name.


So happy to hear that I'm not the only one that can't stand New Year. Never could, not even as a child.


I'm envious that you've eradicated the holidays. I was scoping out the joint this morning, wondering if the family would be okay with me doing the same. If not, I have a good deep clawfooted bathtub.


Pets grieve just like us. This past June our beloved Schnauzer died. The two cats cried and looked for her for weeks. It was hard going through Christmas without the pup. I am looking forward to 2011 and good thoughts!

Seanna Lea

I don't mind NYE, but I could do without Valentines Day. I work at a chocolate shop during that week. People come in looking for the cheapest way to express their feelings, rather than realizing that telling someone how they feel and paying attention to them is worth more than a box of candy and a lot less expensive.


One year, after years of hearing from other people that we were heartless freaks for not celebrating Valentine's Day, we hired a babysitter and got reservations to our favorite restaurant. It was awful. We were seated in the back corner of the smokey bar area and the abbreviated menu didn't have any of our favorites. Afterwards the lines for movies were too long so we ended up driving around aimlessly for an hour, not wanting to come home too early. Now we proudly stay home.


Also, I thought of you all week while a certain someone slept sitting up on my couch, while another certain someone dramatically stage-whispered that we must all be quiet so as not to disturb the man loudly sawing logs in the middle of my living room couch.
So thanks for giving me a little something to giggle about; it eased my tension.


I'm so sorry for your loss of The Bunny. Even when you KNOW it's the right decision to say goodbye, it still hurts to have them gone.


Yeah, New Year's Eve is no big deal if you don't drink, have a restricted diet, and your husband won't dance. :-) We usually have a crab dinner @ our best friends' house that night. The kids have the most fun b/c they're excited to stay up past 12:00. So sorry about The Bunny. :-( Can't imagine what it will be like when we lose Jenna.

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