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December 04, 2010



There are those days that we thinking of anything and everything that has nothing to do with the things we like to do like knitting, painting, etc. And the sleeping sitting up thing, my husband is a pro, bobbing head and all. Thanks for this post, it was a great read.


A friend told me he had fallen asleep in a recliner (this was in college?), and when he woke up, someone was slipping jigsaw puzzle pieces in his mouth as a joke. Yikes!

Lois H.

Sleeping while sitting is one of my pet peeves. My husband falls asleep almost every night while watching TV. I have the same rant - if you are that tired, GET UP, GET IN THE BED and GO TO SLEEP. But he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. In fact, he will get up after his "nap" and go about the house doing piddly things until all hours of the night. It makes me nuts!!
I totally feel your pain.

Linda Cannon

Rocko could always sleep sitting up.
The people who do this have 2 things going on. They do not want to admit that they are tired and can't continue, and they think no one will notice. And they are afraid they will miss something. And maybe a 3rd they are so tired and trying to be polite and think they will stay awake.


Sounds like you may have company....


Technically, my husband "lays" in his recliner since he has it at about a 10-15 degree angle. Usually he is asleep in about 10-15 minutes, so I guess that it takes him about a degree a minute to fall asleep! Aside from that being a MAJOR peeve of mine, he almost always has control of the remote, puts the TV on a channel HE wants to watch and then promptly falls asleep. He has even been known to fall asleep mid channel surfing!! Sorry ladies, but he's taken...


I'm clicking the love(1) button. I can barely fall asleep in bed, so whenever I see someone (an adult, that is) sleeping in the living room I'm always taken aback - how do they do that? Fall asleep in front of other people? I can't even imagine. And, yeah, get a blanket and lie down already. Do they think it doesn't count if they don't lie down? Like they're not really taking a nap? My husband does this. In his recliner. I just try to ignore him. If the kids wake him up, tough cookies. It's his own damn fault for not going to bed. (=


I'm feeling a bit torn by this discussion. Growing up my grandfather was the king of falling asleep sitting up. After a full day of working in the fields he would settle in on the couch to watch the nightly news. He would seemingly dose off, but if someone were to so much as try and touch the tv dial (this is the day before remote controls), "Hey, I was watching that." When I was in college I was in a highly competitive majour (aerospace engineering) and none of us slept much while trying to get ahead. I would inevitably dose off in class, yet my hand would continue to take notes, notes that I would have no memory of later. I once borrowed a friend's notes to compare and found that we had virtually the same notes. And now, I find myself back in school, in a program that thoroughly overworks us, fashion design. And on more than one night I have fallen asleep at my desk while trying to finish a homework assignment. Fortunately this has never actually occurred while at the sewing machine. Of course I know I am tired, but I also want to turn my work in on time.

Brenda Jones

I think you hit a nerve with this topic. It is also something that I cannot do, but my husband is guaranteed to fall asleep as soon as he sits down in front of the TV. I think it has something to do with the blood pressure dropping, so you drop off. I notice that I get sleepy if my feet are up, so I keep them on the floor -- and do not get sleepy.


I'm guilty of sleeping while sitting up. I know it's coming, but I think denial or a belief that I can fight it off and still watch a show, contribute to the conversation, or whatever else might be going on, keeps me from moving to a bed. My husband hates it. I don't see the dynamic ever changing.


sounds like the in-laws are in town.


My brother was in Vegas this week. It too is cold, but have a good time anyway. :)


You crack me up! BTW you can carry a 'walker' (alcoholic beverage) all over Key West, in and out of shops. And it's 85 down there.


Amen to all of it.


I sleep sitting up because during times of the year when asthma is the overriding fact of my life, I can't breathe lying down. Which probably has some psychological effect making sleeping sitting up feel "safe" so by the time I get up and go to bed the rest of the year, I'm wide awake for hours. Just exhausted and grumpy.

But I turn off the lights and tv and keep a blanket on the back of my chair.

If somebody falls asleep with The Remote in his hand, get another remote. Keep it down the side of the cushion in your chair and he never needs to know it exists.

If somebody is sleeping sitting up next to your kitchen, the polite thing to do is keep on with whatever you're doing. They are not admitting to sleeping, so keeping the noise level down so they can is pointing out they are sleeping, and therefore rude.


I've never understood why it bothers people that their family falls asleep watching tv. Having nearly lost my husband to a massive coronary, I don't care where he sleeps, as long as he's alive. I can still enjoy his company while he dozes off in the living room.

I'm battling stage 4 cancer. I fall asleep because of fatigue and pain meds. I'm glad my daughter is ok with it because I'd never get to share any of their life if she wasn't. My 2 year old grandson crawls up on my lap and "rests his eyes" with me. He may not remember it, but I'll die knowing he found comfort with me.


You crack me up! My mother will leave my dad sleeping in his chair when she goes to bed. This is so that she can fall asleep first and not be bothered by his loud snoring. Every holiday, the family sits around and makes jokes about the guy sleeping in the lounger.


Please, please, please. what was the name of that book!!?


Now, I'd agree with you 100%, expect during times of, say, pregnancy. Because I swear, I could not keep it (it being falling asleep) when I was pregnant. When I needed to sleep, it was whenever, wherever, no holds barred. And I could *not* be woken up. At all. Sitting, standing, leaning against a wall, in meetings at work... yeah.


I hope you know that it's okay to take a lot of what I say and the commenters with a grain of salt. A lot of this is just simple gripes and not meant with any ill intent.


But of course I saw no ill intent. It actually was one of my favourite of your recent postings. I like it when you comment on your observations of the human condition. Plus, if I didn't like anyone who, for example, wore Uggs, one of my little gripes, I would have to drop a large number of friends. Live and let live, no matter how annoying we may find it.

Love and Laughter,Amy

I can't do it. I've never been able to sleep sitting up or in a recliner even when pregnant and sleeping lying down was uncomfortable. My husband often (nightly) falls asleep in his recliner or when woken up at night goes to "lay down" in his recliner and go back to sleep. I've never known him to fall asleep with *people* around though. Other than being jealous of his gift, I guess I feel like if that's how he wants to enjoy our house he's welcome to it ;-)

Seanna Lea

I can fall asleep upright, but usually that is a sign that I am overtired and working on something dull. I don't fall asleep, but I sometimes get r...e...a...l...l...y... slow about my tasks. I was a bit like that yesterday. Tired and hungry and too spacey because of it to fix the problem.


Sadly, I so relate to your rant and join you! My husband claims he has trouble sleeping, but falls asleep sitting up at every opportunity, with or without company present. Not a pretty sight--not even to my 2 year old granddaughter, who just stares at him as if he has 2 heads and wants to know why he's sleeping. I usually try to vacate the room before he goes into full snoring, snorting mode, unless we have company, then it's suffer with the rest of them. Yuck.


I wish my husband would sleep sitting up. He would take up less room on the sofa that way.

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