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December 12, 2010



Best if you leave out your drinking habit too. Oops. Nevermind.


Hi Wendy
Just bought your book Custom Knits from Amazon in UK.

Love it - just about to start the first sweater in book.

Blogs great



I can tell you a couple of stories of those unofficial therapy dogs..,but noting the tone here today, I won't.

mary jane

Expert gooey duck catchers here...heh..
don't fret, mostly we like to stomp and make them squirt. We'll serve you sea urchins instead.

diane egelston

You could write about censorship. That's always a good topic.


Better not mention how it is much easier to knit on double points instead of circulars...oops, I've said too much already. ;^)

I have an unofficial therapy rabbit and he doesn't even wear an outfit. You could write about him if you want. ;^)


Better not say anything about people with no sense of humor either. Are there special circumstances for that?

Kathi Jobson

I for one love your blog and your sense of humor. Don't change, have you ever read The Pioneer Woman's blog? She is very funny like you too. Plus shouldn't you be able to write about what you want, it is YOUR blog after all.



Is it bad that I'm really looking forward to the next post? ;-)


Please don't mention those folks who have concrete geese on their doorsteps and dress them in seasonal outfits. Although some of the geese owners (like my own cousin) think it is kind of silly, too. And let's not talk about those inflatable snow men and Santas, etc. and how pathetic they look during the daytime when they are unplugged and looks like pools of neon vomit on people's lawns.


I love your sense of the absurd, and your wry observations about the things you encounter in going about your day.


I won't mention how my husband's roommates in college used to sneak eggs under the goose lawn ornaments of the lady across the street from them who would dress the geese according to the season/weather.

Love your blog and always look forward to your next post.


note to self: read the posts, skip the humorless comments! :)

ps. i enjoy reading between the lines of your blog in certain months.


Oh thats right, it's December... Not that there's anything wrong with that... Unlessnof course you have company


Just you wait until June. The same thing happens, then, too.


Cheri- I have joked about doing that very thing with a neighbor of mine who dresses up her geese. I want to replace the eggs later with baby concrete geese too. It's just too funny to see those geese all gussied up for every season, they even go to the south part of her yard for the winter and back up north in the spring!


And, Wendy, I hope you keep posting about your pet peeves because I greatly enjoy reading all the comments afterwards.


On behalf of all alcoholics and cowboys I find your picture of a SALOON morally offensive.

What is it about the internet that extrudes such ridiculous indignation on behalf of others? People affected by permanent sense of humour failures are 'tards.


will you please come visit us. We need you here. Now.


I guess you could be happy that you get comments, meaning you have readers... It gets real old blogging with no feedback.

On the other hand, aren't people odd in what they react to? Just imagine how much advice they give in person!

Keep up the great writing, No topic is off limits!


OK, I've slept sitting up (sciatica attacks) and I thought that post was really funny.

I've noticed that therapy dogs, when they're old enough to start dressing themselves, pick some really bizarre outfits. One hopes they'll grow out of it.

As a recovering alcoholic (since 1981) I suppose I could be deeply offended by the saloon, except that I love old saloons. (not bars, saloons.) Did you know there's a cowboy saloon in Old Town Yuma with windows between the bathrooms and the main room? Seems the cowboys wanted to keep an eye on their cards when nature called.

Some people just take life, and themselves, too seriously. That doesn't mean you have to take them seriously.

Do you need some pork recipes?


Nyuk, nyuk :)

greener grad

Never change your posts-they make me laugh all the time! And I even graduated from the evergreen state college in washington, where our mascot is the geoduck {correct spelling for those nasty clams}

Lois Houston

Please don't change - I just found your blog not too long ago and I love it. I would hate to lose the gem I've found.

Lois Houston

Please don't change - I just found your blog not too long ago and I love it. I would hate to lose the gem I've found.


Oh Wendy, your sense of humor is seriously delightful!!!! Don't let anyone, anywhere rain on your parade --- too many of us just love that you make our day :)

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