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December 17, 2010



I'm sorry to hear about the bunny.
On a positive note, your cowl is lovely.


Sorry to hear about Bunny. :(


Sorry to hear about The Bunny. You can go online and print all that package stuff and postage and the mailman will just pick it up... Way easier than standing in line.


I spelled the sixth day of the week "Saterday." until I was 25. Then, one Friday, I was pulling a leaf off a 365-day calendar and said to the room at large,

"This calendar has a typo. They spelled Saterday with a 'u'!"

Whereupon I got a spelling lesson. :)


Sorry about Bunny. I do love that cowl.


My heart is with you.

dawn s

I am so sorry about Bunny. I guess even tuna does not work forever. I hope Girlfriend is ok. Love the cowl.

Jamie @ Sheepless In The City

Your cowl is very pretty! Sorry to hear about your bunny. I can hardly wait for the year to be over as well.


Very sorry for your loss. Love the cowl.


So sorry to hear about Bunny. Never easy even when you think you are prepared for it. For the first 20 years of my life, I pronounced "December" with a "z" -- Dezember. Eventually someone noticed. That "z" still slips in there sometimes.


So sorry for your loss. Very cute cowl, I'll have to try that one.

Kat B

So sorry for your loss. I'm with you on wanting this year to be over.

(The cowl is beautiful)


sad about your bunny... sorry.
your cowl is very cute. i knit both ways, but i have never seen someone with a needle in their armpit. i think i need to see it. i think it would be funny.


Sorry about The Bunny.
My husband goes to USPS website and pays for and prints mailing labels for small packages, then just drops them in a mailbox. No waiting in line. AND it's cheaper!


I am sorry about Bunny. The cowl is beautiful.


So sorry Wendy. Thinking of you! Glad you found some easy and beautiful knitting to occupy you.


Bunny seemed like a good cat. I'm sorry for your loss.


I am sorry about Bunny, she sounded like she was a great cat.

I love the cowl. I seem to be in a cowl phase these days. I live in a little town and the Post Office is rarely busy and is often the hub of social activity (since they have very limited door to door delivery most people must go pick up their mail). This time of year you get to see everyone there :)


sorry about bunny:(


Sorry to hear about Bunny -w ill miss seeing her in pics. Just have to thank/curse you for adding another great cowl to my collection of MUST KNIT FASTER FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT list!


So sorry you lost your Bunny! I know the pain of losing a beloved furry family member. Hope the Holidays lift your spirits!

Kathy in Napa

Ah Geez... The Bunny... may The Bunny have all the sunny windowsills, catnip and treats one cat could ever dream to have.

The Cowl is awesome. I am not a real Noro fan. I know, I know. Blasphemy. But I may have to try this because they truly rule the colorway world. The Cowl brings out the best in Noro.

Cheers to you and yours. May the New Year bring endless opportunity to us all!


Wendy, that cowl is gorgeous. SO sorry about The Bunny. Yes, 2010 can be over NOW. I want to move too. Sigh. I
lost 3 cats in one year. Hang in there.

Linda Cannon

Sorry about The Bunny it is so hard to lose a beloved animal like that. They touch our hearts in mysterious ways.

Love the cowl, may attempt after Christmas, I am swamped.


sorry to hear about your bunny. i want this year to be over too.

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