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December 16, 2010


Princess Di

I am in a cowl phase. I also happen to love Noro.....a win win situation!


Okay, can't wait to see it.


Hee - my favorite LYS. The customer service there is friendly, isn't it :) After the holidays are past, let's meet up there and fine somewhere for lunch!

Katie Klemp

Ooh, I've had that happen to me (chased out by regulars) in many yarn shops. I've often considered opening a yarn shop and how I would lay it out so the regulars would have a place to stay and NOT get in the way of people who want to actually shop.


I know what you mean. I can't stand the smell of food in a yarn shop. I don't like when a yarn shop is dirty/smelly/dusty. And regulars? They're like barflies. But not jolly ones, and territorial. It is intimidating and definitely unwelcoming to a shopper. It's happened to me a few times, and I won't go back to those stores.


...Wendy, if my overcooked broccoli comment lingers on, I'm so sorry! My bad. My very bad. I love your knitting, love your writing.
Oh! And I made the Monkey Bones slouch for my nephew's one year birthday. Cute! I need more practice on my fair isle tension before I attempt slouches for my big-noggin' boys, but I'll be getting to them sometime...


This is really cool - that is my sister's pattern. : )


I already have made five of this cowl pattern - in Noro Aya, Noro Silk Garden, and other variegated. Love them. Fast and easy (but looks hard!) Makes me look like a pro!


And .. There are some great Mexican restaurants in Santa Paula, just 12 miles east of that wonderful LYS. Take your pick from very authentic Tlaqueplaque, or more Americano: Familia Diaz, Tia Babes, or La Cabana.


Thanks, Wendy. I feel famous. I think the store is so nice because Lois sets the tone. In my past life I was a surly post office employee.

The Maiden Metallurgist

I hate when yarn stores make me feel like I'm intruding. I make it a point to shop locally, but I definitely avoid a couple of shops in the area for just that reason. I'm happy to give my money to friendly shop owners.


At least there are LYS's in which you can have bad customer service experiences. All of ours have closed down in these parts. It's a shame because I found one locally, had a fabulous experience there, and as I was chatting with the woman who was working she told me they were closing to focus on their online store. I could have cried. There's nothing like touching the yarn you want to buy and speaking to someone who actually knows what they're doing. Alas.


You are right on with the Noro, beautiful color but you gotta be tough to wear it. I made a coat out of it, I was told it would soften up after washing. I'm still waiting! Love the cowl, can't wait to see it.


I live in Dallas, and there are several LYS. One I absolutely love! But there is another that is so horrible. The woman who owns it is a miserable person who seemingly dislikes her customers. I've since talked to other area knitters, and we're all in puzzled agreement about how horrible it is. However, having the wonderful store is quite lovely for all of us!

I'll bet if there are other Dallas area knitters reading this, they all will know of the two stores I'm mentioning!


My LYS has it's own share of bitches around the table, but the owners are always sweet. I just like to force myself on them. I go in with the attitude of "you will laugh at my funny comments... eventually, and you WILL miss me when I leave for home. You'll ask one another the next time you sit at that table,'when is that funny girl coming back?'"


Noro Taiyo might be a good sub too, or furisode. And both of them are washable :)


i had a funny experience at my LYS. i was looking for blue yarn for mittens for my 7 yo son and the worker was overly helpful and took me around to every single blue yarn and stood there while i looked at it. i felt claustrophobic and decided to come back another time.

i go back another day with my son. The overly helpful employee is not there and i am thinking "yay, we can look around anonymously." my son is trying to decide between a lovely blue manos yarn and a something hideously bright red. i'm saying in that impatient mom voice, "well, i don't care which you pick [but i actually do] but i don't want you to change your mind when we get home". i look to my side and there is a man with a giant tv camera filming us for a segment for the local news.

sigh-- so much for anonymity.

Judi A

I was knitting with Noro sock yarn and mentioned to a lys employee that I was surprised how rough it was for a sock yarn (I wasn't making socks, but the "Noro Shawlette" seen on ravelry's saucyjill-which turned out beautifully!)and that I wouldn't want it on my feet! She said it softens up nicely with washing and is one of her favorite yarns for socks. Who knew?!

elizabeth morrison

Hmm, the Mochi Family might work out...


People at that yarn store have used Mochi with success...


I second the mini mochi. I love the sock yarn in shawls.


try the NORO SEKKU for anything touching your neck. It is cotton and silk sock yarn, plus a tiny bit of wool and nylon. I have made several "shoulder hugs" a pattern free on WILD WEST WOOLIES website. she used some other NORO yarn but this stuff I use is way soft and gorgeous colors. I am knitting my sixth one for this year (plus I did four in the Noro Silk Garden or other)
Try machine washing your yarns to soften them up...in a regular load with other clothes, even levis. It has also softened up cashmere (machine knit, commercial) sweaters. Don't put them in the dryer. I can wear these scarves all day without complaining and I am a real "Princess in the Pea" about anything rubbing my neck, i.e. labels...good luck
I can never understand either, why the other knitters in the LYS are so unfriendly. I just try to get in and out as quickly as possible. Its not only yarn stores tho; same thing happened when I took my grandson to a coop nursery school. The only one to start a conversation or even acknowledge my existence was a father. Does this behavior start in elementary school or what?

Lisa Laraine

You slid that comment in about rug burns in high school and woke me right up with the first laugh of my day. Thanks.


Two words: Snapper Jack's.
Other than that, you're 100% correct, that LYS is the best.


I think if LYS owners realized how much territorial "regulars" (who always seem to be knitting and never buying) turn off people who just come into make purchases, they'd get rid of the tables altogether. There's nothing like hearing a conversation stop suddenly because you've walked in the door to make even Noro feel not worth it.

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