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October 15, 2010



Having raised boys, I love reading about raising girl children. Your 'girlfriend' is lovely and so are the socks!


"she's the best girl in the world" I love that.. Lucky girlfriend, to have a mom like you.

I always knit two at a time with one lonnnnng needle. Saves my sanity when the sock boredom sets in. :)


A friend of mine has a trick for winding balls for knitting socks two at a time that means you don't have to weigh the yarn. She winds the skein into a yarn cake and then winds it again using both the inside and the outside strands of the original yarn cake so that it is a double yarn strand being wound. You end up with two ends coming out of the centre of your yarn cake, so no rolling around ball and a perfectly split skein :-)

Connie G.

such sweet sentiments about your daughter. warms me to my toes


You are both VERY lucky. I remember saying things like that. I also had a daughter that caused the school district to set up a dress code for Prom. It comes from us being creative.


I have an only that would like to be one of more (and I would have liked that too, but things are what they are), and I love that she loves her socks as much as she does, especially when it makes for some of the best color/outfit combinations in order to wear them.


you are blessed to have her - maybe you will have multiple grands - no rush, mind you, but it could happen. In the meantime, what a lovely girl child. Drink them in; they are over in the blink of an eye.


nice thoughts...we are at the state of a) me deciding to knit her a hat and b) should we make/try to have another spawn? Lucky family you have, so full of love--and socks!


Did you also close the comment on the Oct. 8 post? Anyways, I just wanted to comment that the two versions are really awesome. These two hats are really looking good! You both have taste ;-)


When my one and only was about nine, a friend warned me that puberty was coming at me like a Mac truck. My daughter is 25 now and I'm still looking for that Mac. There was a pickup truck or two but basically she was (and still is) easy. I have a feeling Girlfriend will be,too.


Thanks, Chloe. I feel the same way, but I hesitate to state it without lots of wood hanging around to knock on.

I was a terrible daughter.


I also have a one and only and I'm happy to say that she's always been wonderful and continues to get better every day. (I even felt that way through puberty.) Best of luck!


She is so stinkin' CUTE!!!!


I read this yesterday and it made me tear up. I came back and read it again today and you did it again. I don't know if it's the thought of girlfriend always being happy (I think my son might be one of those too--I hope so) or because I identify with you because of wanting more and not being able to (our son is adopted) or how lucky you feel to have her (ditto again). I dunno, probably all. Sweet post and I'm crying again. ;-)

Seanna Lea

I love Leonie's trick. It sounds much more useful than mine which is to pull out the scale and measure when I am done a single sock how much it took me (I've never run out, but I need less sock yarn than average to make a pair).


I'm just guessing that your best girl in the whole world will stay that way.

Some people are content. My kids were that way. No terrible twos, no horrible teens. Now they are responsible adults. I'm not writing this to pat myself on the back. My husband says we got good raw material.

I have heard people say that the teen years are nature's way of making you look forward to the empty nest. How sad for them. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it is obviously working.


Y'know, just about every time I'm about to lose my mind because of some insignificant infraction (real or imagined) committed by Wee Monkey Gurl, you post something about GF that forces me to remember that, like you, I really have a great girl. Thank you for that. You are so lucky to have GF, and she is beyond fortunate to have you for her mother. And I thank you both for sharing it with the innerwebz.


And also? Regarding the weather - from your fingers to the goddess's ears. I feel like I've been freezing for months...


Lovely girl, great socks, sweet post... and your nails look awesome.


I have loved all the phases of parenting, but the teen years have been my favorite. My teens have an amazing sense of humor, they're thoughtful, and they are inspiring. I learn so much from them and their friends. Fear not puberty - you are well equipped to enjoy it.


socks and children. related? yes, as I see it. we knit for the joy of it; when the wearer displays them we feel elated. and even if they don't, we're happy in that we brought another beautiful work of art into the world.

and so it is with socks for my son. he turns 16 on friday and he has some lovely handknit socks in his top drawer. does he wear them? no. do I love him? absolutely! do I love the socks I knit for him? yes. in an odd way they are related and down deep I think he loves them too - they may not be on his feet, but they are still in his drawer. GF is a very lucky girl; and you are a lucky mom.


Ah, yes, the teenage years! It was difficult to like my kids during that phase.


You know what's lovely about being an only child, there's this special thing when you grow up where your mom is like your sister too. At least that's what I experienced. Just this closeness that, for me was a little intense during the teenage years, but is so precious now. And my mom is loving multiple grandkids these days, boys even!

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