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October 17, 2010



I just love knitting. I probably knit too much in the minds of my husband and parents and other family members. To me it is calming. It helped me this summer through three kidney stone surgeries.
I have had the finished project not look good on me and I have ended up giving it to others in my family. (they are thrilled to get a new item).


i love the suspense. i love the productivity. i love the colors. i love the textures. i love the laughs (especially the laughs!)

i dread imagining those socks without the contrast toe! they are perfect this way.


Can I tell you how much I love these socks?? I love contrasting heels and toes and the purple just matches so well on these socks. I also understand abt knitting for kids thinking their socks will stay the same. The last pair I knit for #1 Son came out small and I had to redo the toes. Thankfully I had enough yarn, but why I still think I need to knit smaller socks for him when his foot is practically the same size as mine?? I'm suffering from the same disease you do.....


So true. There are times my husband looks at my disheveled, crazed expression as I knit and says, "Why do you do this to yourself?" I snap, "It relaxes me!" But usually it's a good suspense.


Winsome full face portrait of your daughter: how touching, Wendy. Love the toes in coordinate color.


I though I was the only one who said crappity crap crap (truly, I do!).


I think the suspense is why I tend to knit completely obsessively. I really don't do well with delayed gratification. If I knit fast enough I'll make the suspense end sooner!


These socks look great! I think you should say that you designed them this way.


I love the part when I am starting and I really, really believe that I can do this...
then I go and knit another pair of socks. I know I can do those :)

I still love knitting anyway!


I love that face. (But she's not a baby girl anymore--boo! They grow up too fast. Cliched but true.)

My crappity crap crap is a little more x-rated. :-0

Lynn in Tucson

..You would have used a contrasting afterthought heel and cuff of course! What a great mama you are.


Crappy crap crap is a favorite of mine....and to Maureen who knit through 3 kidney stone surgeries, I had one kidney stone surgery...and my husband took my knitting away from me!! (the painkillers made knitting not so fun).

What a beautiful picture of girlfriend. If you'd knit the socks from the toe up, then you'd have done the ribbing in the contrast color!!


The socks are great! Can't believe how Girlfriend has changed in the years I've been reading your blog. HWWV's photography always shows you two at your best (yes, even that shot of your pajama pants & the holey slipper or whatever it was; only you could make that cute!)....


What Lynn in Tucson said. And Girlfriend would love thtm. Because she's the best girl in the world. And always will be.


I knit because I love watching something take shape from my needles. All from a few little loops! I don't think I ever thought of it as suspensful.... I suppose I'm more filled with an eager anticipation. I can't wait until it's time to try something on or move on to the next portion of it. I also love the total sense of relief when you do manage to finish a project with just enough yarn to get by.


Such cute socks! I love the contrast toe.
Totally understanding the suspense, I was knitting a toque for my hubby last night and almost didn't have enough contrast color, I was watching it dwindle and going crapity crap crap, but I lucked out and just managed to finish.


The socks are darling, as is Girlfriend. I think it's been said before, but she's a cross between you and a young Ali McGraw. :)


Super cute, Girlfriend and her new two-tone socks.


Adorable picture - good idea with the contrasting toes, someday I'll get around to socks - sooner than later as I'm planning on giving a pair for a holiday gift. Always enjoy reading your blog...enjoy these cooler days!!!


love! the picture captures so much more than toes :)


That is the most adorable picture!


Love the purple toes!


Wendy I think your daughter just upstaged you in this post. But I'm sure you don't mind.


I would never mind it in a million years. I have a feeling, however, that there will be a day--and it could be soon--when she doesn't want her picture on this blog as often as it has been. I will understand.

Liz T.

What if you had knit the socks toe up? I guess you would have knit contrasting cuffs. there's always a way with knitting.

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