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October 05, 2010



Count me in for a pattern! Can't wait for this one.


but... but.. I love THOSE COLORS!! Girlfriend is right on!


Ooohhhh, I can't wait! Yay!


Ok, I love your shirt!


Everything (ok everything I have seen you do) you do is beautiful, just like you. Some days while reading your blog I dream of what it would be like, to be you. Its lovely and a very happy escape for me:) I think your a beautiful taltented woman who I wish I was neighbors with just to have fun with you and girlfriend. :) Really you are my hero! Geesh did I spell that wrong? Anyway thanks for being you and all your books and patterns. Sorry but I have not had the pleasure of getting one of your books due to no funds but I hope some day to have the pleasure of owning one. Again thanks for being you and opening part of you life and thoughts will all of us!! God Bless you and wishing you happiness always! Marion


I've been wanting to get my hands on Vampire Knits. Between True Blood and the Twilight series, I am hook, line, and sinker for the whole vampire genre. This book looks really cool!


Love all your slouchy hats! Thanks for the book reviews.


Love all your slouchy hats! Thanks for the book reviews.

Chantal B

thanks for the book review!

Melissa in Oklahoma

Love the monkey bones! Good books, too.


First of all love the hat! I think it was definitely worth all the trouble. Love the look of both books too.


Your hats are awesome! I'm excited to see the pattern.

Stephanie C

Sounds like great books! I'll check them out.

Margaret Law

Saw Vampire Knits in a local book store and immediately thought my teenage daughter would love most of the stuff in it as she is a HUGE "Twilight Fan" (I admit to reading all of the books also and really enjoyed them) Anything that Sally Melville does is good and the fact that she and her daughter collaberate is pretty cool. Glad that you enjoyed them both.


Cant' wait to see the finished monkey hats.. and would love to win a book!

Deborah A

Thanks for the book reviews - Fall is when I pick up my knitting needles after the summer off and I am always excited to see all the new books and patterns out there.


Thanks for the book reviews! I better get working on those gift knits...


I want a crazy monkey bones anything, fiercely. I guess a book would be a good consolation prize.


Yea for books! I love books!


Probably a good time to knit in the chill of winter when the radiators aren't reliable...which is why I'm finally working on an afghan! The monkey slouch looks cute :) I think my hubs wants one like that, but more "manly" = beanie.
on another random note--Ever watch Forever Night? a silly little Canadian vamp show from the early 90s I think...the cowl on that cover looks reminiscent of a character.

Kristen S.

I love that color combo, and the shirt you are wearing in the photo. I do not like vampires, but may have to reconsider that opinion based on their excellent taste in knitwear.


I would love Vampire Knits. And I always get compliments whenever I wear one of my Ripple berets!


Yay! I am SO looking forward to monkeyhat release!

Oh, and a book'd be cool too. XD


I am lousy at choosing colors but my daughter always picks the greatest colors once I put them together. waiting for the Monkey Bones Super Slouch.


The Vamp Knits book looks like there's some fun patterns. I follow too many vampire series. And the warm knits/gifts book also looks great. Both would be a compliment to any library.

Wendy-- Why don't you thin out older books that you don't need in your collection anymore? Sure, they're good reference material. But if you need to make room...

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