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September 03, 2010



Nearly naked men in the background? Sounds like my kind of knitting book.

And yes, that is very dishy dish. Thanks for passing it on. I'll go amuse myself by imagining who it could be. :)


Oh, and also... I can't WAIT for this book! (whether or not there are nearly naked men in it) Love love love Custom Knits. It is a reference I use DAILY.


So excited to hear about the new book!

Any possibilities of some Menswear designs in the new collection?


Yes, menswear, but only a handful, BUT a section on turning patterns into men's or kid's, boy's, etc.

Liz Anderson

Love the dish!

For the record (and your next book), Fat Girls need knits, too. I don't want to hear about knitting in floss with lengths of fiber optics to make it "work" for us "rounders." I want real knits, and not wrist warmers and hats (unless they're spectacular!).

Pretty please?


You just made my night Wendy!
I've made a few pieces of yours out of Custom Knits, and of course my own using your guides in the last chapter, but I'm really excited to see what you do with mens designs!


I am looking forward to you having another book. I really love Custom Knits. As for wanting to gossip, what is up with the neighbors? We haven't heard about them in the longest time.


With everything, I tried to size into the 50" plus inches in chest and there's no floss. No wristwarmers, either. There's a section on upsizing for men, or for upsizing from children's to women's, so no worries. There will be lots of information to chew on.


What Liz said! I love Custom Knits and I look forward to your new book. Will you share the title, at least?


YAY! That is so awesome Wendy!...I'd be stoked if you taught me how to knit (that is, if I didn't already know how).


so, on a non-knitting note, did you wear chucks or heels?


Neither! First day I wore some wedgies that 'looked' like chucks and then yesterday I wore some gosh-awful sandals/scuffs that are called Pimptastic's, although I think they are the bomb.

I have found that out here, when they do shoots and tv shows and what not, that the people doing the work mostly use flip-flops, etc, so they can remove their shoes willy nilly when going into and out of rented houses, etc. (In my case, we rent particular houses for the backdrop and we need to be careful to not stain the carpet.)


I'm so excited for the next book! I've been doing Peace Corps in Africa, so I'll need someone to mail me a copy (and yarn)

Princess Di

Congrats Wendy on another book. I simply love Custom Knits and look forward to the new one. Thx for the peep into the the Knitting Cartel.


I'd be super nervous too! I can't wait to see the new book. And how nifty that she she learned to knit, and from you!


i love the look on your face in the photo! looks like the shoot went well!


While I'm in complete accord with all the wonderful, positive statements of appreciation and keen anticipation I must ask: nearly nekkid men??
My, my, my, what knitting styling has come upon by way of additional background compulsion, I mean...interest and variety.


I can't wait for the book, Wendy. I knit "Cameo" and love it. I used your afterthought sleeves advice for a sweater I just knit. Turned out great!


I'm sure this will come as zero surprise to you, but I believe every photo of a sweater should include at least one nearly (or fully) naked man in the background. Or foreground. Wherever.

And they should all be shot in my apartment.


Hang in there as the process of your book unfolds. The fact that you are aware that you are not really being yourself and you are concerned is half the battle!

seattle gal

Thanks for sharing the trials, tribs and victories of this amazing process. So looking forward to the book!


I nearly caught myself saying "squeeee!"

So excited.....


So, what's the title of your new book, and when does it come out??? I am so looking forward to it!!!


No title yet. That usually comes last. As to the release date, we are thinking summer of next year (yes, it takes a looooonnnngggg time)


As a mature and slightly lecherous woman-I like the idea of eye candy in the background...but I only buy the book for the patterns and am only closely perusing the images for a better idea of how the item was constructed. coughcough

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