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September 21, 2010


Susan - Knitters Delight

I received my copy from Amazon on Friday and am thrilled. I read a lot of the designer's blogs from the book including yours prior to hearing about this book and am thrilled with the whole concept.

Moving from Vermont to California after graduating is when I discovered blogs, specifically knitting blogs and the first online pattern I ever bought was SIZZLE! I say, thank goodness for knit designers and thier blogs! It allowed my knitting passion to continue to burn bright.


I'll be sure to look for that one.


A smile answer that will brighten their face: Aw, I didn't know I had one until you walked through the door.

May as well flirt back.

Thank you for your blog and the information you provide. I too am amazed at the amount of information concerning knitting that is available on the internet through blogs such as yours.

Thanks again!


Cute story. I laughed so suddenly, I sprayed morning coffee through my nostrils. (I'll be more careful next time.)

OK, I'm still chuckling.


Bought the book. Love it!

Where did you get that smile?

"I robbed a bank"
"I stole candy from a baby"
"From thinking evil thoughts"

man... a world of smartass is bubbling to the surface right now.

Princess Di

That voice. I've heard it before. There was a WONDERFUL nurse when my mom was sick in the hospital. She spoke like that. She was also beautiful and took fabulous care of my mom. The voice tho. It made me wonder how people take her seriously. Seriously. Just ordered that book from Knitpicks, it's on it's way and I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Mom used to say she knew she was old when the Police Officers looked younger and younger. I have to think that as long as you're younger that the Sinatra's of the Museum World, you're doing OK.


I would love to get a copy of this book, your patterns are always awesome!

Vicki in So. Cal.

Reminds me of some of the comments I get when demonstrating spinning in public. If I hear, "Does virgin wool come from sheep that haven't done it? or "Don't prick your finger" one more time! Why do old men think they are so clever and original? I'm in their age group and it still annoys me.


looking forward to it!


I flipped through the book in B&N yesterday while waiting on a client, and I must say that the bios are almost better than the patterns. I think knit bloggers make the craft so much more appealing because they incorporate real life and realistic projects into one-I love browsing to see what patterns working people are making! I personally don't have consecutive hours in the day to finish projects, and its nice to know that others knit under the same conditions.
FYI-a local librarian suggested your blog five years ago, and I have religiously read almost as often as you written posts, whether or not I am in the same country!


Interesting post. The older I get the harder I'm finding it to accept compliments. I really hate the aging thing too, I feel like there was a giant conspiracy of aging women ahead of me who lied.

ANYWAY. I have the book! I bought it as soon as it was available and consumed it like I usually do a good novel. The patterns are beautiful and the designer's stories were all interesting. I loved the wide variety within the designs & Jared's photos presented everything beautifully.


in re: what blogs have done for knitting?

I have to confess, even as a fellow professional, that you win the prize for 'other person whose designs I have knit the most.'

Two Somewhat Cowls, Tang, and lord only knows what else later...
You and your work rock, hard. And if it weren't for your blog, and the great writing and designs in it, my wardrobe would be a poorer place.

Keep up the good work - and I'm sure you'll come up with a fantastic riposte to the comments/compliments at some point.


Amen, Gaile: "I really hate the aging thing too, I feel like there was a giant conspiracy of aging women ahead of me who lied."

I bought the book on Friday and couldn't put it down. Reading about knitting bloggers was a lot like running into old friends, though after many years of reading knitting blogs, I was surprised to learn of a few I wasn't aware of. The book includes a good variety of patterns; can't wait to try them out.


I agree about the book. I ran across it, bought it and love it! I especially loved reading the interviews and background blurbs on each of the designers. The patterns are great too. I was so glad to see that you were included in this book!


Since the comment is sort of irratating to you, why not just say "Thank you" and then move on. You're being polite and yet you aren't giving it any of your time.

Knitting blogs keep me inspired! M.

Kourtney Robinson

I've looked at the book online, & lets face it, Jared Flood's photography is almost irresistable.

PS: It's Shannon Okey, isn't it?

Your mickey mouse story makes me think of another: a friend dumped a girl who was otherwise awesome because every time they started making out, she'd starting talking in the third person baby talking. Talk about a passion killer!

lap dog knits

I'd smile bigger and be happy you've still got all your teeth....that's what I worry about as I continue to age. I'm hoping to continue to get those comments rather than, "wow, when you smile your eyes get really wrinkled" which I'm afraid will be the future comments.


Yeah, totally missed the mis-spell. My eyes. They're on the fritz.


Am really loving Brave New Knits, Wendy. So timely and so fun. You could always say "Colgate", smile some more and not take it too seriously.
I was one of the youngest judges at an election site one year. I loved the experience. This last primary, a young boy still wet behind the ears was volunteering. The 60-something man serving next to him always introduced him as "not even old enough vote." Which was true, but I think he was getting a little tired of that. How do you return a smart quip to someone 50 years older?

Kristen S.

Great story - I can't wait to use "I travel a lot" next time I get a question like that.


I recently started volunteering at a museum. Sometimes I am amazed at how similar our lives are. (Long time reader)


My copy arrived last week! What fun projects. If I didn't have Marilyn's cardigan and the Spot and chloe knit along on needles, I'd get something started~

loved today post!

Shannon Okey

That's ok, at least you didn't call me Sharon. I still have relatives who do, after nearly 36 years on this planet, I swear to you... xo!


Great post! I get comments like that all the time, too.
One thing - Norah spells her last name "Gaughan".

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