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September 17, 2010



Mine is 15 and heard she didn't have long to live more than a year ago. Kidneys shutting down, thin as a rail, hurling more than I care to admit, yet now the more regular wet food I fed her the better she acts. I don't get it and with the $210 full blood panel costs why pay it ifshe is acting so 'normal.'


I'm sorry to hear about The Bunny. I know what it is like to lose a friend like her. When the time comes it will be hard but she will know how much you love her. {{{hugs}}}


We are conflicted people aren't we? Our first cat went nutty and began get in the cat box, backing up and hanging his rear end over the edge and peeing on the floor. We could do nothing to stop him. He was booted outdoors where he happily lived for many years. Then one day, he disappeared. Our vet said that often cats will go away to die privately if sick. We will never know, but we sure missed him.


Does she have any teeth left?? My mom has had several cats live until their late teens and they always end up needing wet cat food because all their teeth fall out. Maybe that would help her.


Thank you for putting into words what I never can in describing my conflicted relationship with my cat who passed a few years back. I was simultaneously devastated and relieved not to deal with the peeing in the house and constant meowing. I swear he was the neediest/most annoying cat ever and I loved him.


As I sit here, I've tried to comment for 10 minutes. My 19 year old nutjob of a cat is sitting on the touchpad. He's been a yowler since we brought him home, and has to sleep under the covers. For the past year I've come home from work and loooked for him to make sure he's still alive (and I check in the morning too). I am going to miss the heck out of this cat, but for the life of me I won't be able to say why.


My best to The Bunny.


When I am trying to figure out whether my cat is sick and needs the vet, I always do the Tuna Test. If they don't respond to tuna, it's a dire situation.


We had to put our kitty of 18+ years down less than two weeks ago. Part of our life, and practically a child. It always hurts.

Odd suggestion, but I had morning leg cramps for years until I read a suggestion to put a bar of Ivory soap under the bottom sheet at the bottom of the bed. Seriously, it's cheap, can't hurt, and has been a lifesaver (or sleepsaver) for me.


Okay, way off the subject, but HWWV? He who was a vampire? Herman Walter Whitmore Valerian?


When Miss Sassy had the diabetes, we elected to give her insulin shots, and we didn't mind it. She was the cat who would throw herself at our bedroom door until it popped open - but in her younger days, when she only weighed 6 pounds. In her later years, when she was up to 17 pounds, she simply wasn't capable of it any more. She was pretty miserable her last few months - and she made everyone around her miserable too, so we determined it was time. Guilt was palpable, but so was relief. I won't judge you, I promise. She was close to 17. Her sister, Spider, is now close to 18, and is nothing but skin and bone. We haven't taken her in to the vet, because she hates to be handled by anyone. But she seems happy, so we shall see.

Mr. Tom has no teeth - he eats dry and wet food very well. He is extremely healthy for no teeth and a fractured leg that never set properly years before we got him and a bad eye that makes him look like a pirate. It's Mr. Pepe that's the trouble. He's decided to poop where he's not supposed to, in a dominance game with Tom. It's very annoying. But they both got a full check up and there's no medical reason for it. Nobody ought to visit our house - we may have inappropriate poo.

Those are the cats. We also have a very old basset who has learned to walk again after a series of seizures and a mini schnauzer.


Hope The Bunny lives long and strong and then when he goes he does it in a comfy sleeping spot so you can find him. Neither of our two 14 year old cats is enjoying the Winter this year but we hope they'll be around a little longer. The kids love them and despite the annoyance of finding cat spew on the floor in the middle of the night with your sock clad foot, they will be missed when they go.


I've had to let go two cat's this year. First the most annoying female cat I have ever known. She wasn't that old, but she had a heart attact and I couldn't get her to the vet soon enough. That was devastating. Then old boy, 18+, began to show real weakness. I had to give him an enema for goodness sake! I desited the day and even though he was still looking "quite good" from outsiders point of view, I knew things were not right. Vets oppinion was likely tumor inside, just the thing I suspected. We desited to skip unnecessary and intrusive examinations and let him go. It hurt so bad! But in the end my oppinion is that when you do the desition yourself, thinking your loved ones best interest (even though you would not want them to leave just yet) it's easier than have to deal with sudden and even violent ending when your not ready. When you've known your pet over an decade you are probably right when suspecting something is not right.

I hope Bunny has still good times ahead. Give her my and my 3 cats best wishes. :)


Annoying but lovable, is The Bunny. I'll be thinking of you.


OMG, you are telling the story of our Ellie Mae, she was the spitting image of The Bunny, same make and model even. We lost Ellie about 7 years ago. The 4 week cycle of events for Ellie went very much like what you are describing. Just be ready, when she doesn't want to be in the house or near anyone, it's time. My sister the Vet Tech said it happens like this all the time. Ellie waited until the Hubby put her out into the garage on that last night. He didn't want to let her go outside, for fear that she'd run off to die and we wouldn't be able to find her. She probably passed away very soon after he laid her down in the bed we'd made in the garage, she was laying in the same position when we found her the next morning. She's resting in a nice cool shady spot between two huge hydrangeas now. You'll miss that cat, probably more than you'll care to admit, I do. BTW, did you know it takes somewhere around 7 years to get all the cat hair out of your furniture? Now the hubby wants another. But how do I find another Ellie Mae? I'd even accept her sitting on my knitting, and maybe sleeping on the bed.

Billi Cummings

My heart is sad for you. Ive had to put down two beloved dogs and It is very very traumatic. Sounds like your a great friend to Bunny. Life stinks sometimes.


A few years ago I had to put my 16-yr-old Korat to sleep (kidney failure). Emotionally tough for me, but the vet put all sorts of nice things in the shot he gave my cat; kitty was pain-free for the first time in days or weeks. He got that happy sleepy look on his face, purred a little bit, started grooming his face and paws, and then laid his head down to go to sleep.

Difficult as it was, I'm glad my last sight of him was sleeping peacefully, and not in pain.

Hopefully Bunny won't need to go through this for quite some time yet!


I know this is a sad story, but I honestly had to laugh at your comment on trying to sleep with a 30 pound cat on your feet. My cat, about 15 chronologically, but 6 months emotionally, sleeps, not on my feet, but on my legs. And nothing works to keep him off my legs. I've been dealing with undiagnosed knee pain for several months, (not his fault), and I still couldn't get him to sleep anywhere else. Good thing I love him!


OMG - I'm laughing and crying with memory of hiking out to dig fresh clams for my cat in his last days. HE would know if they weren't fresh so my daily ritual was to go get the fresh ones, cook and puree them for him.... love's manifestation through our devotion to our animals....it is our humanity, after all!


Life really sucks sometimes. Hating the fact that you have to end another creatures life, yet knowing it will end their suffering. My Boris is much like your Bunny. Has snuggled into my arm every night of our lives and reaching out to stick his claw extended paw to pet my face. I've yelled at him and told him he should know better and that claws in my face are not ok more times then I like to admit. I eventually realized this nightly ritual would never end and started holding his paw in my hand. He loves it and just snuggles up and sleeps, purring until completely out. I am expecting his demise soon and know that it will kill me to lose him and this annoying ritual. Sending you love and peace and strength when the time comes and the Bunny goes on to play in that butterfly filled meadow on the other side.


seems this is happening to all the knit bloggers at once... fingers crossed you have more time with the bunny. (i lost my actual bunny two weeks ago yesterday. he ate our furniture; i still loved him desperately.)

Nancy J

knitting aside....I really enjoy your "columns". They do hit home. My "Rita" cat is 16 yrs old and I share the love/hate relationship with you. Thanks.


here's a hug... we all have them, cats who are more like a cranky uncle, or a distant aunt. Luckily one of my three is like a doting child or I would go nuts with the "untouchables".
I still love them so dearly that I can't imagine what I am going to do as they wind down their lives (they are all around 14 years old)

dawn s

I am worried about Girlfriend. Make sure she is prepared.


My kitty is 19. She has been with me my entire adult life, and she is my little baby. She still has all her teeth, which the vet says is a good sign, and sleeps on the kitchen counter so the dog doesn't bother her (I have two stools of different heights set up just so she can get up there!). So sad to think about our furry friends leaving us.... sigh.

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