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July 02, 2010


Alice in Richmond

We hear you and understand. Well said.


I have to knit a baby blanket for sister in law worried it wont be appreciated and it does make you hesitate to put yourself and time into such things.(((Hugs)))) Darcy


Well said!

not supergirl

I'm lucky to have friends and family who appreciate handmade. My sister is the best. I bought a huge cone of cotton yarn that coordinates with her kitchen, because she loves nothing more than dishcloths. Whenever I'm between projects or need something mindless to do, I make a very plain dishcloth to clean my palate. And every time I'm at her house, she's using one. Her babies get blankets, too. However, the blanket I made for her second daughter is the only one that has made it to favorite status with the kid so far. My third niece is still too young to have a preference (at 4 months), so we'll have to see how that one goes. You put it so well in your post.

Julia in KW

You have written a thoughtful post that in some measure does capture my feelings...I, too, think about whether someone will appreciate my work/time/effort...but if I am in doubt but I really want to make something, I remind myself that to a certain extent I also give a gift to myself with the knitting, as I love to make it...you know - sometimes you give a "store-bought" gift and get the same "m'eh" reaction; this way at least I get some pleasure from it, too!


Years ago I learned my lesson the hard way. Several times over, in fact. Now, I carefully consider whether a person is "worthy" of my work before I ever begin a gift. And yes, I do use the word worthy!


"I knit for you because I love you." I love this. And I'm so happy that those around you are grateful for it.


I love your story and can relate. My sons love all the knit items I make for them and constantly ask what is in store next. They wear their socks with pride! They do have some requests like a tie with Celtic knot design which I am attempting this week. On the non appreciative side are my sisters who came for a girls weekend and I made them each an Amy Butler weekender bag spent lots of money and I am sure they dont even use them :(


This is depressing. Now I have to learn to love knitting socks???


Love it. If people understood the time it took to make a knitted item and the love and attention to detail you put in it they'd appreciate it's a part of you and an expression of your love for them. But in the world we live in where it's cheaper to buy bulk made products, instilling that appreciation is a hard thing. I'm lucky, my boys line up to get their socks and hats from me and I know they will understand how long it takes me to make stuff because I tell them as I cast on "this is for you" and then they watch it's progress as I knit and see how long it takes with bated breath. But they pretty much are the only ones I knit expressly for apart from my husband.

the Lady

Just had this conversation today with my fellow lys worker. So true. My best girlfriend gets pretty socks for her birthday because she ***looooves*** even the humblest of garter stitch scarves. Love her.


Well said...

That's why I just knit for family and a select few who I know will appreciate my effort.


So far, I've knit two baby knits and the recipients were truly appreciative! I was surprised! Other than that, I knit so slow that it's always for me... until someone will beg me to knit for them!!!

Connie G.

Beautifully written. Thanks.

georgi quane

I totally agree. I used to do a lot of sewing and would be totally excited about giving gifts that I had made myself. The killer to this was one Christmas I made my Mom a beautiful 4 piece suit, totally lined, matching blouse, etc. and when she opened it, she king of said "oh" and went gaga over a blanket that my brother had bought for her! That cured me, now I only give handmade gifts to people that I know appreciate them!

I do have one girlfriend who gets excited when I make a sweater that is too big for me, cuz she gets them and LOVES them!!

Helen in Switzerland

I so so so so agree with you on this one. The worst for me was when I made a beautiful hand quilted baby guilt for a friend and within a year her dog was sleeping on it - and they thought it was funny. I almost had apoplexy. Unfortunately there are just way too few people who recognize and appreciate what we do. They couldn't do it themselves and they just don't get it. I confess I have stopped making for others except for very special people and in very special circumstances. Sad, but better sad than mad!

Helen in Switzerland

ha freudian slip above - I did of course mean a baby quilt and not a baby guilt!!


Your touching comments about the love your hubby has for you and the socks you make for him made me suddenly realize that well-worn, holey socks are one of the best compliments a knitter could receive.


The pair of socks I knit for my husband sit it the drawer and when he looks in the sock drawer I think he sees twenty pairs of socks and a lump of something that he doesn't recognise as foot apparel. He would never voluntarily put them on his feet.

I made a beautiful cardigan for a colleagues daughter who recently had a baby - the pregnancy was a suprise and she's quite young and I know she copped a bit of flack from her family - so I thought a non-judgemental handmade gift from her mum's workfriend would be nice. The cardigan went down a bomb at my local knitting group, all the yummy knitting mummies loved it.

But that girl? She comes in to visit her mum with the baby and she's never been able to look me in the eye since. Not even a thank you.

Luckily I'm a process knitter, so I just knit things I like for the challenge, not for the outcome.


Oh I am SOO there with you!!! I stress and stress and stress. I remember once I searched for the perfect pattern for a friend of mine, which took a LONG time to do. When I went to visit a few months after giving it to her, while she was showing me one thing, I saw my present stuffed in the back of the closet. Hmmmm. This is why I like charity work. I can knit for others and not worry if that particular shade of purple is nice enough. If I like it, then I know it will be ok.

and while my son doesnt like sweaters, he DOES like socks made with wild yarn.


Aw, so well said. You are cool!!


Well said!

Free Movies

Nice Review !! Thanks for sharing it. I love to knit for my kids. I have made a pair of socks for my kids. If people understood the time it took to make a knitted item and the love and attention to detail you put in it they'd appreciate it's a part of you and an expression of your love for them.


Great post. I'm lucky to have a few (3) close friends, a sister-in-law and a boyfriend who love to receive handmade things (even though The Boy pretends to mock--I've caught him bragging about things I've made him). That about takes up any knitting-for-gifts time I would have anyway. The ones who have had lukewarm or dismissive responses in the past don't get anything made by me as it's just a waste of my time (other than the pleasure of actually making the whatever).


Beautiful post! You and your sock recipients are a lucky group.

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