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July 02, 2010



That was a wonderful post! I have decided that aside from my family, I only like to give handknits to other knitters. I feel like they can really appreciate what goes into them and the time it takes. Of course I seem to break this rule whenever one of my friends has a baby and then I worry if they will like it or if it is good enough!

Kathy in Napa

A bit late to weigh in on this one but... I made a Clapotis from Lorna's Laces. It was the most extraordinary, and expensive, thing I had made up to then. My friend, at the time, loved it. I gave it to her as a birthday present. I recently saw her dog using it as his blankie.

PS: You haven't posted in a few days. You said in an earlier post that you weren't feeling well. Hope you're OK Wendy!

PSS: I have your Splash vest on the needles. ;-)


Love this Post! I got burned hard when I slaved and slaved and slaved over an intricate baby blanket for my nephew. The gift was barely acknowledged, never seen or subsequently mentioned and no thank you note. On the other hand, my husband cherishes my socks...that's a gift I can make and feel good about!


I love to knit. Not everyone I know loves to received knitted items. It's always a bit of a wring of the heart to see an item that was hours in the making, dismissed in seconds. So, I try to keep knitted gifts small -- fewer hours involved, not as much of my heart involved -- or only for those folks who've been able to say just what it is they'd like to have. Doesn't always work: I knit a slew of drop-stitch scarves for a family member who was only interested in that type of scarf, and I think those scarves all wound up in her kids' play costumes. Oh well, someone's using them!


Excellent post. Here here!


I've just stumbled onto your blog via Ravelry and oh my gosh youu just put into print the exact feelings I have experienced - the heartbreak I feel and the repeated 'never again' I tell myself...I think I'm gonna follow your lead and be very very selective. Thank you for writing this and I hope many gift-recipients read it too (but why would the, they don't visit crafty blogs)



Kath Welch

That is the sweetest, most heartfelt little write up I have read for a while. x


Almost every gift I give is handmade by me, either hand knit or otherwise. It's brought me to the point where I'm asking "What about me?" I just wish someone loved me so much that they'd spend tens to hundreds of hours working on something to give to me. It's never happened. I have never received a handmade gift from anyone--ever.


Great post! I recently gave a quilt (the first I'd ever made, one I loved so much I practically showed it to strangers on the bus) and was terrified the recipients wouldn't like it as much as I did. At first it looked like it might be even worse than that, I thought it had gotten lost in the mail, but when it finally did reach its destination words like "talented" and "beautiful" and "heirloom" were used liberally. The amount I ended up caring though, made me realize I need to be careful about who I make things for.


I decided to quit the gift knitting arena also. I do hats or mittens for family but my husband LOVES socks and is asking for gloves.
Guess what I am going to be knitting?
Gloves and socks. I know the " look" after spending 100$ on some to die for yarn for a baby shower, making up a lovely pattern and having it tossed aside like it was not work much.
Seriously it was a pretty baby throw, all yarn purchased at Tricote Yarns shop (in Seattle) and those people know their yarns ,how to mix and match ( I only wanted the best for this shower)
And its not that I expect much,,but how bout someone saying,,,,Ohh,,,that is SOOOO soft for the baby?
No , they loved the acrylic fizzy piece of polar fleece ( tied at the ends which is a 2 hour job at best) and ohhed and ahhed over it.
Not bitter,,just know who appreciates my stuff and who to get a gift certificate for now. I knit for myself and the man who really really LOVES what I make him.


I know it's really late in the date since you wrote this post, but it really spoke to me! I was googling "what to knit for people that live in Southern California" when I came across your blog. I'm british and I've been invited to spend my first Christmas with my boyfriend's family in Orange County this year. I have no clue what to get his parents (they have everything, and they also have really different tastes to me), so I figured that knitting them something would be ideal - it's handmade, unique and a lot of time, effort and thought has gone in. Plus I figured even in the OC, they still wear socks. Only when I spoke to my bf about this idea, he seemed distinctly underwhelmed and insisted that even though his dad does wear socks on occasion, they are not (seriously) "knitted socks". So I thought about a lace shawl for his mum, to keep her warm while she's sitting by the pool in the evening. Also not impressed. I've actually been rebuffed before I've even cast on for these things, and I'm kind of annoyed that they can't understand what a nice thing I'm trying to do - I think they think I am being cheap and trying to avoid buying them stuff (if only they knew!). Now I've read this though, I'm really glad I didn't pick up the needles yet, as the disappointment I feel now is nothing compared to how it would be in a few months when I've actually spent time, energy and money creating something beautiful for them that is not appreciated at all! So my own (british) family will be getting handmade presents this year, and my in-laws will be getting something else (who knows what), and watching me knit for myself over Christmas.

Thanks - this was the sanity check I needed!

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