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May 12, 2010



HWWV was sparring with Evelyn "Champagne" King? How cool is that! I've got her on my ipod. Nice fabrics, btw.


It may be a trek for you depending on the part of town that you're in, but you should try Yoga at the Village in Glendale. It's not at all what you describe. Just some people, some mats, and a serious workout. Especially Carl's class in the evenings.


I totally have a evelyn champange king record, "dont leave me this way"


Now I'm gonna have Shame running through my head for the next few days. Could be worse, right? ;-)


I love the lace stitch pattern!!


Don't Leave Me This Way?!!!! That is so awesome! [disco rocks] I'm glad to hear ECK is still striking. Wow, that would be so cool.


I believe it would be rosin on the bow.


Rosin. He was probably talking about rosin on the bow (I see someone beat me to this comment!)


Evelyn "Champagne" King??? How frickin cool!!! Sorry you gave up on yoga, but I understand how weird the classes can be. I've had a home practice for a few years now thanks to some great videos. Love the fabric for the wallhanging!

Brenda Jones

So sorry to hear about the yoga ... I understand your frustration with the "spiritual" side. I hate that side of it. However, I have lucked out with finding the right type of yoga that does not go further than sometimes doing the 3 OMs and/or a chant at the beginning of class. My teacher never does either -- it is straight to the loosening up and conditioning moves. At any rate, Iyengar yoga focuses so much on conditioning and training you to do the poses, and proper alignment, and the crap is left out. Emphasis is on learning, not following the leader. I have never been hurt like I have in other disciplines. You can look up a teacher for your area at IYNAUS.com. Good luck!


Oh, that's a shame ... that you couldn't find a yoga class, LOL
that reminds me that I am considering making the Yogini Bolero


Could that girl of yours be anymore like her Momma? The nail polish, the funky little ring ...
What kind of camera does HWWV use? I see the one girlfriend is using is a Canon EOS ... I am in the market for a new & better than the piece of crud I have camera & I love Canon's ...


I have to agree with you on the yoga. I really want to enjoy yoga, but I just haven't found the right place or instructor OR the prices (especially drop in if you can't pay for memberships) are just a rip off.


I love those fabrics!

Sheri Brethel

First - I LOVE the Kaffee Fassett story - love it! That is exactly something that would happen to me!
The yoga - same here and I'm in Ohio!


Glad other people are busy living their lives rather than paying attention to what and who others are. I always have to check pop culture with my youngest brother (age 49).

Connie G.

Great read!
And I loved the link to Evelyn "Champagne" King. Wow! Did that bring back the memories and I still sound like her as I sang along!


I heard that KF tells people his name rhymes with "Safe Asset."

Try yoga videos? I've done a few of them with this pregnancy - easier (and cheaper, via Netflix) than hauling my giant self to a studio at an inconvenient time.


Great KF story! Some yoga classes can be so bizarre. Don't you just hate it when there are people who can't seem to relax in the class? They talk, or tap or breath like they just can't be bothered. I like any kind of class that the instructor will walk around and help you maintain the correct posture. That's what I do when I teach classes. A good instructor will not let you perform the posture incorrectly and they are supposed to be paying attention to the class members, not having an ego stroking moment showing off how well THEY can do the pose. Some of the best videos are done by Rodney Yee. He's awesome.


Try as I might, I could never get into yoga. It just seemed like a lot of warming up and stretching just to cool down.
I'm a dancer, after we warm up we MOVE!.
Also how cool Evelyn "Champagne" King !!


What a fun post this was!

Margo K of VA

Sitting in a yarn shop the same thing (as in Caffye) happened to me in regards to Gee's Bend. I felt so stupid that my head was in the ground and I did not know about this influential group of quilters. My daugher gave me the large book on them. It tells of the women, their island life and showed photos of how their surroundings infulenced their designs.Its a source book on how creativity begins. Kaffee Fassett's lectures at Stitches do the similar, mind expanding thing....noticing, really noticing the world around you, the beginning of ideas, working with them in many ways to develop the WOW factor.Pardon me but one more thing: I was at a knitting retreat when Wallace and Grommet DVD was played....again I was blown away that I had not discovered the wonderful clamation figures/stories earlier. Boy do we need enriching friends and conversations.


Don't feel bad about the Fassett faux pas. The same thing happened to me and it took me easily a year until I could say his name right. My quilter MiL was less then thrilled with my lack of Fassett knowledge and inability to remember his name. ha ha.


Wow! I know Kaffe and Evelyn! Dirty Shame and all...did you realise Kaffe is quite the knitter as well?


WOW! Coming out of my lurkhood to be totally impressed that HWWV was sparring with Evelyn "Champagne" King?.
I couldn't tell you how many times I danced to her songs.....DISCO baby...DISCO.

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