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May 22, 2010


elizabeth morrison

Oooh, awesome foray into the crazy-making world of lace!!


I was just looking at this in a previous post and I'm glad it turned out as beautiful as you had hoped. I can see why you would want to keep hold of it, but hey - now you have an excuse to knit another one!


The lace is gorgeous! I love lace, but as a very plus, plus size it is hard to work it into my wardrobe in pullover type garments. I'll have to keep thinking this out.
BTW I'm glad you have a new sewing machine and table. It does make sewing MUCH easier to have the right tools.
I must have missed it. What happened to the neighbors?


What a gorgeous top/tank/whatever. I might try knitting with linen now, we have really hot summers here so it would be really nice to have something like that to wear. Hey,what DID happen to the neighbours!

Linda in WI

Definitely one for the "Gotta Knit That!" file. It's fantastic!


I see you over there trying to distract me. Well, it's working.

I wish I had some linen so I could drop knitting my heavy sweater (if and when we ever have summer weather) and pick up this lacy concoction. You make me wish I had four hands.


i adore this tunic! great job well done and i can;t wait to buy the pattern i could actually wear this to work!!! i'm hoping to have karma tank in my wardrobe as well!


Of all the knitting blogs, I have always liked yours the most. The only thing I wished for was a bit more lace, but you know, it's not all about me. But linen (!), and lace (!) - it's gorgeous.

I can just see it, flowing in the summer breeze with some loose linen pants over a white gauzey top, nice sensible but stylish sandals and a big silver ring. Very understated and elegant. (And I can see it on you too!)

I hope they can get someone to make the sample so you can keep yours and not have to knit it again.

Funny about Cayfe. I used to think it was cafe, until I was corrected.


I love this top. It's beautiful!! I hope that the pattern will be plus-sized. I have the perfect linen pants to go with it.


Ohhhh that is lovely!


I sized it up to 51" (with a suggested negative ease of 2" or so). If someone needs a larger size, they just need to add a multiple of 11 stitches.


Love, love, love it!


That really is a gorgeous top. Wonder if I've got the right sort of yarn hiding in the stash...

Kari Butler

I love this. I would like to order the yarn right away so I will be ready to cast on when the pattern is ready. What yarn and how much. size 34. I can't wait!!!!


Oh wow... just beautiful!! My eyes were needing to see something that gorgeous today!


I used two hanks of Euroflax Sport Weight Linen in Natural. You might buy three just in case because I had only 10 yards left...(check to see if you can return unused skeins)

Another Joan

Yes!! Will it be ready for the weddings I have to go to this summer??


Yes! (Unless you are a slow knitter)

Kathy in Napa

Oh this is truly beautiful. I'll be ordering the yarn soon, too. I have a wedding in September to go to. Awesome Wendy!

Kathi Jobson

WOW, you are such a talent when it comes to designing. I love this, not sure I am advanced enough to knit this yet but I will sometime soon. Gorgeous, just gorgeous, thank you.



Love the top! It looks like it would be perfect to layer over a tank during the summer. Will have to purchase when it becomes available.


This is SO pretty and definitely something I would wear. I'll be watching for the pattern.


Absolutely gorgeous! I have the "Crazy Lace" book myself and it is very inspiring. Can't wait to see this pattern come out!

Willa Jean

MMMMMmmmm. Love that. I think I have some natural colored silk in a light sportweight... gotta go dig it out.


CAn you give us a little more info on the yarn and yardage....Elann is having a sale on some linens....thanks...loving the pattern..

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