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May 19, 2010



Wow! Beautiful! I want to knit it!!!


pretty! I get depressed knitting lace too; I wonder why that is. How can something so airy weigh me down so much?


I'm happy to report that this one is a breeze. The two patterns are totally easy and I realized that if I place markers in between each repeat, that it helps quite a lot. Reading the book Crazy Lace also helped me a TON.


I could have written that first paragraph! I'm just finishing up an all lace cardigan & swearing to myself that I will never go there again. A little bit of lace? Fine. All over lace with shaping? Nope.

Your linen tube looks purty.



dawn s

Beautiful! And using up some well-aged staff must feel good, too.

dawn s

That would be well-aged stash! I knew I should have used the preview button.


Yay for the lovely project and stash busting. Nice work so far.


love this! love knitting lace though, but gorgeous!


WOW! It is lovely! I cannot wait to see the finished project! I don't like knitting much lace either, so i think you are a brave soul for taking this on.

Leah CS

That's lovely. I like how it looks sort of vintage and expensive already... nice work!

donna lee

I like knitting lace. I always feel so accomplished when I finish and block it and it turns from a pile of string and into a lovely ethereal piece.

Martha S

OMGoodness, I just got that book and can't wait to try out all the patterns. Don't know if my stuff comes out as good as your looks already, but one can dream, right?


If I had your figure, I'd be wanting lace over a tank top, too. Perfect for California, although it has a lovely wafting Gatsby look about it. Or lazy afternoons on the veranda sipping sweet tea.


Maureen, I just watched The Great Gatsby last weekend...


It looks lovely! Good work!


That is gorgeous


It's beautiful.


Oh, that is pretty! I'm a Cali girl too and would love that for summer over a tank.

Melissa G

Linen lace, well done! I'm not a hoody person, but that purple one from the book looks interesting.


That's wicked cute and I bet you have the body to hang it on even if you did just quit yoga!


That is lovely Wendy! I received my book and wanted to say thank you!


GORGEOUS. I wanna play too! Just one question: "A tube that will form the body" = tunic portion knit in the round? Because I know that even if I could knit the lace, my fumble fingers aren't so great on the sewing up...


The sewing up part is necessary because if you picked up and knit, the yoke may not fit right. There are only four short straight areas that are sewn.

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