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May 31, 2010



Granted I'm not always doing something productive, but I'm glad I have my knitting on hand to pass time when commuting, etc.
What a lovely photo of you and your daughter--so sweet.
p.s. Really? She doesn't even walk her own dog? Maybe she has agoraphobia? I don't know--seems so odd to do so little for oneself.


Does she like TV or movies? Honestly she sounds like my sister. Her hobby is order. You could walk into her house at any time of day and it could be a photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens. She rarely uses her stove. She bought a brand new outdoor grill. The other one was *old*. I think she used it twice. the new one has yet to be used. She also has a huge tub with 7 jets in it. She has yet to use that one too. So while new things are fun, I like to USE what I have as well. People w/o hobbies are also bored. When was the last time YOU were bored?? Exactly. Me neither.


I would go crazy! I have to have something crafty or creative.


Oh boy, the beginning of a project when everything is going to work out just exactly right. Sigh. Ah well, there's always the next dream, and most of them actually do work out to some extent, at least usable. Gardening's similar, the catalogs, the seeds, the dream, the sprouts, the weeds, the diseases. But, still, there were the terrific tomatoes, and chilis, and the roses are lovely this year, and in California, every season's a growing season.

Linda Cannon

The really sad thing is this is the person who will probably have early onset Alzheimers. They are the ones who have nothing to challenge their mind except some kind of perfection. Maybe the " I have people who do things for me". Sad and I agree when I separate from those people I feel very sad and depressed. There is no passion.


Creating, crafting, making things, whatever you want to call it.... it's what feeds my soul. Without it, I would wilt and die.


Oh wow, I think about this all the time when people are marveling at (or mocking) me for my incessant making of things (knitting, sewing, crocheting, weaving, spinning, baking... ). I try to remember what I did with myself back before I got so into making things (about 15 years ago or so). I don't understand how people survive without something that occupies their interest.


Maybe she thinks she has achieved the American Dream because she can afford to outsource all her labor to others.

But you're right, it's sad. And boring.


Does your friend read your blog?!


Nope. Not interested in the Internet.


This is a fabulous picture of you & Girlfriend. I always like the photos where people aren't looking at the camera. They just seem to capture a moment so much more, and this one is a great "stolen moment".

Colleen Valles

I'm glad it's not just me. I often find myself wondering "What do people DO if they're not making something or reading something or exercising or ...?" I come from a family of artists, so sometimes I think I have a skewed perspective, but I often wonder, if you're not making something to make the world more beautiful, what are you doing?

Liz Anderson

Further proof that you can indeed have everything -- and nothing.

I hope you don't end up on the evening news telling the nosy reporter: they were nice folks, didn't do much, had nice things, but they snapped,just snapped, you know???


To each their own, I suppose, but I'm always doing something artistic, whether it is knitting (my obsession), sewing, painting, cooking or baking. I enjoy the satisfaction of making something, then the excitement of finishing it, then wearing, eating or displaying it, and then planning my next project. There is only so much tv I can watch before my mind needs to be engaged in something.

By the way, I love your blog. :) I love the writing and I check back frequently for new posts.

-"if you're not making something to make the world more beautiful, what are you doing?" - Colleen, this is so true. Mind if I borrow the quote?


I have never understood people who don't garden, knit, needlepoint etc. I find that weeding cures a lot of what ever is bothering me.


Sounds like her hobby is redecorating and organizing her "staff"!


I've often thought the same thing about people that 'do' nothing - no hobbies to speak of. It is sad. Your quilt, however, is fabulous. Love the color combination and mixture of squares.

Margo K of VA

It is a mind show when you are creating....you capture your mind, create something wonderful out of string, cloth or clay and share with people who can feel your delight and enthusiasiam for living.You are full of life and are sharing joy.


Sounds like my sister-in-law. The only thing I can think of that she does is flip through magazines. and shop. I'm dying to teach her to knit, sew or SOMETHING, yet she resists.
Drives me nuts.
Hmmm, maybe that's her hobby...

Angie S.

Those are the same people who say if they won the lottery they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. Hmmm...let me think. I would knit - a lot.


I had the realization many years ago that there are a lot of people in the world like your friend. It made me sad then and it makes me sad now. There are times when I think I'm crazy for all the time I spend knitting, crocheting, spinning, doing beadwork and training my dogs. Then I thiink about the alternative. Yes, it's sad and depressing.


I think Maureen said it best...their lives seem to lack passion. My sis is like this. She works and she occasionally goes out to dinner. That's it folks. We were together in the city of museums for a few days. I said, after dragging her to the ones that were about my interests, tell me what you love and we'll go find a museum for it. We went shopping!


Love the photo of you and the gf. Beautiful, sweet, sexy. Captures the light wonderfully. As for your neighbor, maybe the redecorating is her interest? It would be sad to think there's nothing. Does she have a fulfilling career? Kids?


Sure, Rachel, go right ahead. You can pay me royalties in cookies :D


I love the photograph of you and girlfriend. Also, her new quilt is great. Incredible colors and pattern! I don't understand not having hobbies. I have to keep my hands and/or mind active. Then again, my house is a disaster zone most of the time because I'd so rather create something than clean up.

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