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May 03, 2010


Helen in Switzerland

To be honest it makes me feel much better to know that you have days like that too! I've had a day full of good intentions today and apart from buying my daughter two bikinis I have achieved precisely nothing at all today. Tomorrow is another day and the things that don't get done will still be there in the morning (unfortunately in some cases!).


Story of my life!!! Glad I'm not alone.


We all have these days... those things will be there waiting when you finish with 8 or 10 (or more) rows.

Melissa G

The grocery shopping's done (and new list started), laundry in process and volunteer commitments for the day completed, yet I still feel like I have accomplished very little because I haven't knit a stitch. Maybe after I feed the dog.


Oh wow, story of my life! We all have better days when we don't trip over something and maybe the dog gets more than a ten minute walk.


Hah. I'm still amazed that I manage to roll into work (most) every morning... At least you posted!

BTW - LOVE the pink/orange sock yarn. Looks like candy!!


Volcano tacos rock. I have no arguments there.


It happens, even in good families!!!


OMG! I can so relate, it seems like i have had good intentions to do everything on my to do list for the last 2 weeks and done nothing on the list and everything not on the list (I drug out my Bernina and whipped up a case for my circulars). And I love that the color of that orange/salmon yarn. I have do believe I have some of that and some day I will knit it into a lovely pair of socks. I'll have to add that to my list.


So often my lovely list gets hi-jacked by real life. I figure if I can just do ONE thing I want to do, it's a good day!


You've just described my life. :)


Wait--I've got an idea. I'll drive over and organize closets and cook and walk the dogs, and you can write my semester project. Deal?


I hate when there are so many things on my list that I don't get any of them done! Happens to me all the time.


I know what those days are like! I just wanted you to know that I read your blog at work as a distraction and when I'm typing in the url I'll think, "knit and tonic, take me away..." I hope tomorrow is more productive. :)


I have many many days like that. Sometimes just getting my arse in the car to the office is a chore. When are they coming out with the cars that drive for you.....I could use one, that right there would free up much needed time in the morning.....


Know what hijacked my day? The Hannah Montana movie. Oh, I folded clothes while I watched it (with my daughter), yessiree I did. For the first fifteen minutes anyway. The rest of it, I have no excuse. Cute movie, BTW.


Life is what happens while you're busy making a To-Do List.


oh my, yes. I have a habit of half-doing things, because in the middle of doing something VERY IMPORTANT, I notice something else that hasn't been done yet. Something also VERY IMPORTANT.

I gotcha, I do.


Haha, you are following me around aren't you :-) I think any mom has days like this every day! I wonder if our kids' homework is like *their* to-do list, only we force them to do it. Bwahahaha! no wonder they hate it so much, they can't get out of it.


I think it's called being in a "funk"...happens to the best of us.


You sound just like me. I can relate! It's okay to have a lazy day once in a while.


Sounds just like when I try and get stuff done. I especially love when I set out to clean the apartment and get side tracked by a million little projects so the big massive piles of crap never do get picked up like I would have liked.

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