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May 10, 2010



Hmmm, roller skating outfits is what comes to mind as "roller gear"....


I'm guessing a satin jacket? Leggings?


I think Roller Gear would be the outfits and accoutrement worn by a Roller Derby Girl. But I could be completely way off.


Roller Derby getup? It can't be that simple...something to do with rolling your hair?


I think so too


but I am really impressed that Flossie knows how to spell accoutrement!


haha thanks!


Roller Gear is for roller blading? Definitely not roller skating, lol. I'm imagining neon green elbow pads.


Super short shorts with contrast piping at the hem and side seam? A matching tank? Maybe some wristbands and a headband too?


Roller Gear would be sticks, skates, gloves, etc. for roller hockey players


I'm thinking what Jessica said is right. I imagined those shorts right away. Plus, tube socks with the stripes at the top, but you wouldn't have sewn those.


You guys do NOT know what Roller Gear is. Girls of my generation, YOU SHOULD KNOW!


Bay City Rollers? That tartan stuff? (Even if I'm not correct, I'm making myself laugh with the thought of being dressed up in that stuff.)


roller gear - super short skirt that just covers your butt and usually pleated and funky tight tee, sometimes leggings under the skirt & knee pads & elbow pads ...... and helmet & skates of course ....... now crack the whip! - lol


I'm with the others. Cool gear for roller skating... definitely satin shorts and matching jacket!


A short lace skirt with coordinating lace headband/bow and fingerless gloves! I say this because you're way too young for a poodle skirt!!!


Roller dancing roller gear? Al la sequin mini skirt and matching body suit?
A woman in my office roller dances still. At the last place in the city that does it.


I can't believe I'm amitting I know this, but my brother-in-law rides a motorcycle and has these wierd boot covers he slips on to protect his boots while riding. He calls them boot socks, but he refers to them as part of his "Roller Gear"!! That's probably not what you're talking about, but I thought I'd throw something different into the mix!


Oh god, the plaid horror of Bay City Roller Gear...I came along a little afterward, but I saw plenty of pictures. Wow, go you for admitting to it! ;)


I'm thinking the skirts worn with the Danskin one piece swimsuit thingies.


Somebody already beat me to the Bay City Roller Gear - tartan pants and a t-shirt!


Roller gear was hair rollers in my day, are we the same age?

Helen in Switzerland

I'm right with those above who mentioned the Bay City Rollers - too short flared trousers with a tartan turn up. Any didn't we think we were gorgeous!!! (what a fashion mistake that one was!) We must certainly share a vintage if this is true! I wasn't aware that BCR had made it to the US!


Did you make a Xanadu out-fit? I could see you looking like Olivia in Xanadu, leg warmers and all. But, more than likely it's roller derby gear.


I think Mary got it above, a pink satin jacket and matching shorts with white piping. Alternatively you could wear something involving rainbow socks or suspenders. I used to go roller skating at my church in the gym on Friday and Sat nights, the roller rink is still there!

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