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April 11, 2010



You stuck the top of her toe back on? Whewh... Hope it's healing although not as fast as originally thought ;-)


Part of it "stuck" and it looks like the rest is going to dry up and fall off.

sam lamb

ouch - but fantastic vest!


Love Chuck lurking in the background of your photo.

I'm impressed by any child that doesn't go into extreme dramatics upon injury -- much better than many adults can manage. Even if you would, I bet she's too smart to allow you to poorly treat her toe.

Carolyn Jolly

Glad the toe is OK......and BRAVO for you teaching your child to cope with life's little bumps and bruises! I work in a place where all too often parents rush little Jane and Johnny to the ER for every little nick and scrap.......it's really making us a society of wussies! (just my opinion!)

And the vest is TO DIE FOR! Love it!


Something similar happened to me when I was a kid. I stuck it back on with a plain bandage, and I got to keep the whole chunk (though a bit misaligned). It did turn blue for a while, but it pinked back up eventually.

The small skin tab that was still attached probably helped with the skin, but I'm pretty sure the flesh just reattaches like that.

Oh, and my dad once cut a chunk off the tip of his thumb, and he just threw it away. Can't even tell something happened at this point. Looks like it grew back.


You did just the right thing. Because you are a mom.

Melissa G

You are more than welcome to our wind: 25mph gusts that make the dog whine and the 60' tall spruces sway.


Late reading this entry, and it's too bad you don't want readers' advice, because, as someone who's never had children, I'm chock-full of it. Advice, I mean. But I will refrain.


:) I did the EXACT same thing when I was seven!! (Riding a bike wearing flip-flops; So. Cal. girl much?!) Took the whole tip top off. I was at my friend's house, and her parents remarked on how unbelievably cool I was about it. I think I was just in shock. But maybe (just maybe) I was as cool as GF is... Glad she healed.


Wendy, this is off the subject mentioned above, but squeezing this in at work :)! Found out about a book and companion movie called "Handmade Nation". The title speaks for itself and many "crafty" types like us and bloggers such as yourself. Sounds fascinating, just google it. All reviews have been postive. Just thought I'd mention it.


Way to head things off at the pass!! I figure if there's no dog hair, or obvious dirt they are good to go. I still say it's amazing we all lived to have children what with all the danger we navigated growing up! Our local park used to have THE coolest real live gutted airplane. It was mounted on concrete pillars higher in the front. You could actually climb this giant ladder (without any handles or cage around it) in and out of the nose!! That sucker must have been 30 feet off the ground. There was another ladder at the butt and side of the plane. Inside was all sort of loose wire and sharp edges. I say again...amazing we lived to tell the tale!

PS, that red is divine!!! Love this pattern!!


I love this, have just paypalled. Thank you so much.

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