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April 11, 2010


Darcie Clark

Your hair doesn't look greasy at all. I love your disclaimer. You know your blog-readers too well and you're smart not to let us pounce on you. Looking forward to the vest pattern!


with blonde/white hair it is hard to tell. Trust me, the weight of all the ick made it very heavy~ I know, TMI


Ha, it's a bit sad when we have to add disclaimers like that to our posts. Kids get injured, it's what they do best! And I just assumed she was up to date on her shots because they get the tetanus shot when they're really young and then don't need a booster until 15.

Pattern idea stealing? Noooo, that never happens! ;) How about an update on the neighbours instead?


I'm sure everyone's telling you how to treat Girlfriend's toe, so I'll put my oar in, too:

In MY family, any wound requiring a pressure bandage was treated with chocolate cupcakes. It always worked, too. You should try it.

Yay Girlfriend for remaining calm, and yay you for not having the vapors. It's tempting when the kids start bleeding.


When our kids have survived our Motherhood we know they will be well rounded adults.


Isn't it sad you felt compelled to add the disclaimer. What a world.

Alice in Richmond

Love the vest!

Connie G.

So glad to hear that Girlfriend's toe is better and your mistake on which toe it was made me laugh out loud.
Can't wait for the vest pattern. It's so cute.
Sorry you're having rants and raves going on, but will continue to check back to see how you're doing.

Margo K of VA

Ouch....that hurt here in VA when I read about it. Am too sensitive, I guess.Glad she is a good sport and is healing.


I like the disclaimer. :) I hope she heals soon. :) I cut the tip of my thumb this morning making breakfast. Also a pressure bandage. Good call. All I was worried about was not bleeding into the avocado for everyone else. ;)


Us kids of the 60s, it's a wonder we survived childhood! No one told us to wear bike helmets, seat belts or use antibacterial soap! The magic of childhood will heal Girlfriend, just like it did for us.



Cute vest!


I taped my son's big toe together one summer, too. This was a few days after he broke a bone in his nad and I feared another visit to the ER would put me on a list somewhere. Sad, but true. He is 16 now, and still has the toe. I've got your back.


I can't recall how many times I stubbed my toes and tore skin off them. It'll heal.

I love the vest, Wendy.


New specs: my eye doctor told me when I came in at age 40 for my reading glasses, the short women come in first, they can't hold the newspaper far enough away any more. When I told him 10 years later I was wearing two pairs to do my knitting, he was horrified.

Good idea putting the piece of toe back on, it sometimes works pretty well.


"The short women come in first" --I laughed so hard I woke my son up from his nap!

Sounds like Girlfriend is a tough cookie. Glad she's doing okay! I'm a wuss when it comes to my own blood; fortunately I can tolerate others' just fine. We'll see how I fare when it's my son bleeding, though... he's only 6 mos so I (hopefully) have a little while.

Vest looks cute!


Love you as always Wendy!! Big smiles to you.


Girlfriend is such a trooper. I'm impressed.


Glad the toe is A-ok! And sorry to hear about all the crap. Boo.


The vest is great. The kid is too! The wrong toe is just wishful thinking. How ARE the neighbors? We need an update!


No news on that neighbor except I did see him put some power tools in his ex-wife's van and drive them away. The chainsaw was among them.


I agree with JulieT - chocolate fixes all wounds - and is probably what the readers that propelled you to add the disclaimer need!!!!! When I was that age my mother would just tell me to go get a cookie and not to bleed on anything and I still have all my appendages. And, by the way - I wish MY hair looked that good dirty!! Thanks for writing even when you are so busy with things you can't share - you are my daily dose of laughter!!


I could never handle the stress of a blog, with people telling me what I should or should not have done -- but this is why I admire you so much for doing it! I love the grace in which you tell your stories!
Thank you for always making my day! :)


Ok, that was a great story. Nearly made me snarf at the end there. And it would have been yogurt that I snarfed.


You know, I just assumed that you and HWWV adequately took care of Girlfriend's injury, and needed no additional advice. If you had wanted any, you could have asked for it. My kidlings are 18, 14, and 13, and the number of bumps, scrapes, scratches they have gotten is enormous. However, only three have required more than Mommy care, a 4th was checked and determined that is all that was required. And, the scariest did not require the most care.

Oh, and the vest looks really cute. And what are the neighbors up to?

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