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March 15, 2010



Wendy, what's the yarn? I love it!
I think I always say darn it later too. The funny thing, I can never seem to find the hole. It always happens at the gusset. Then I can't find the hole that bothered me in the first place.


I can't leave it... makes me crazy. I just drop the stitches down and clean up the mess.


LOL...our husbands must be separated at birth. I don't know how mine finds his way to the bathroom in the night without a map...

I always have to contemplate (read: knit a few more rows and stew about it) whether to fix a mistake or not. If it isn't something that throws off the pattern, I'm likely to leave it, justifying it as the old Amish (I think??) "Divine Mistake".

Windsor Grace

I must learn to knit two socks at one time


GPS..man's answer for not stopping to ask for directions. :P


I do the very same thing. Always regret it when I don't just go ahead and rip it right away.


HA - Darn it!


Funny....Every part of that post! I laughed hard! Is it wine o'clock yet?


Oh man, I have a sock-in-progress right now where I think I've made a mistake but am not sure... and I think the only way to figure it out is to finish knitting it to see if I was right or not.


I am with Jenny...."Where can I get some of that sock yarn?????" i love the colors!!!!


The ability to humor one's self is a gift...of course a cocktail or two helps don't you think? Glad to see you having fun at what you do!


Just three words. Sock. Yarn. Where?????


It's Trekking XXL and I don't think I have the label anymore (real helpful blogger don't you think?) The Loopy Ewe carries a lot of the stuff, but not sure of the colorway.


Wine o'clock!


Zitron XXL Colorway 136


Yay Melissa!


Melissa, you are funny! It's like you have the colors and numbers memorized! :)


Husbands...if you dropped my ex in the middle of a dark forest, he could always figure out where he was, and how to get around.

Ask him to find something in our ginormous city of about 10,000, not so much.

Go fugure, huh?


I am blessed/cursed with an unerring sense of direction.

Unfortunately my husband is not. However he thinks he is. So I have learned the fine art of guiding him to where we need to go, without actually letting him know that I'm doing it.


Okay, now I know what I'm gonna do about that mistake 4 rounds ago on my sweater....Rip! It! Out!

shannon in oregon

are you kidding me? fix it. it will drive you bat-shit crazy. an inch back in the hem line of the skirt i am just about done with...screwed up the whole way round. driving me crazy! i say fix your sock, it's small. i'm going to attempt to live with my screw up...wish me luck.


I'm not nearly as obsessed with the yarn as it seems. I just looked up orange projects on Ravelry in Trekking XXL and found the one that looked just like Wendy's socks! Wooohoo for Ravelry! :D

Kathy in Napa

I live in the Wine Country so I'm quite familiar with time to wine. In fact, there's a winery here in the valley that stops everything, including production on the bottling line, at 4:20 to have a glass. ;-)

As for to frog or not to frog. I am so A type that I can't stand leaving the mistake if I know it's there. It's like the heart under the bed that keeps beating and calling my name.


I always rip it off and never have regrets! Plus, they look awesome! Aim for perfection ;-)


you are a genius, Melissa. I looked on Ravelry, too, but didn't search on color. Thank you for helping out!

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